by Ben Perlmutter


To make QuantumListing the best experience it can be, we’re always talking with people in the real estate industry. We want to know what they want out of QuantumListing so we can improve their user experience and help them make more deals.

In our discussions with real estate Marketing Directors, we learned that they were often frustrated with the difficulty required to keep their company’s information accurate and up-to-date on other listing platforms.

The Marketing Directors’ problems were twofold: Agents were often too busy (or not interested) in keeping the information on listing platforms fresh, resulting in old or inaccurate information.

Moreover, other listing websites made it difficult to create a unified company presence with up-to-date listings. Marketing Directors often had to log into and edit each account separately to maintain all of the agents’ accounts on other listing sites. This process is tedious and inefficient.  

We wanted to help.

Our discussions with Marketing Directors have led to one of QuantumListing’s most innovative features, the Enterprise Account. We want to simplify the task of setting up and maintaining accounts for businesses with multiple agents and listings.

QuantumListing Enterprise users have a variety of tools to unify all their agents and listings in a cohesive package. This way, all the information across the whole business is current and consistent.

Marketing directors or their designees become the administrators of an enterprise account with the following abilities: creating managers, creating agents, adding listings, and managing listings.

Let's take these one at a time.


Creating Managers

The Enterprise administrator has the ability to add or delete additional managers. So, in larger firms where there are multiple marketing associates, the managerial workflow can easily be shared across the whole team.


Creating Agents

Admins can create QuantumListing user accounts for multiple agents. To do this, all that needs to be done is add an agent name, phone number, and email address. Agents can log onto QuantumListing and have easy access to their listings on a single page. They can download the PDFs to attach to emails as well as email the listings directly from their account profile.  They can also easily share the listings through their social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Adding Listings

Like individual users, Enterprise administrators can add listings, with one powerful additional ability. Enterprise users can assign multiple agents to a single listing. This saves a lot of redundant data entry by the manager. We've found that on average, a new listing can be added in 3 minutes or less.


Managing Listings

The Enterprise administrator and managers can edit and delete any information about all the listings under their Enterprise account from their account profile. There is no need to log into various agents’ accounts to update the information. It’s all under one house, in one account. So, if it's changing the PDF, reassigning agents, or updating the space available, it can all be done very quickly.


Serve Listings to Your Website

Another way QuantumListing can lighten the Marketing Director’s workload is through the use of our iFrame code to serve your company’s listings to its website. If you or your IT professional copy the snippet of code from your Enterprise profile page and paste it into your website, your company’s listings will be updated on your website simultaneously. You can also create individual pages for each listing using iFrames. This service is included in the price of your Enterprise Membership.

We hope you'll give QuantumListing Enterprise a try. And, if you want to talk with the QuantumListing team to discuss any other feature that you’d like to see on the platform, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. When you talk, we listen. It’s your feedback that keeps QuantumListing getting better.


Are you ready to sign up as an Enterprise User? Register HERE! Select Enterprise from the Account Type drop-down menu. Once your registration is complete, you will be sent to your Enterprise account profile page, where you can start adding managers, agents and listings. If you would like help setting up your account, contact [email protected].