by David Perlmutter

What You Do With QuantumListing


Download QuantumListing Here

QuantumListing is the new mobile crowd-sourced commercial real estate listing app. What You Do With QuantumListing


Open the QuantumListing app and you'll see a feed of the the most recently added listings. Go to our Search page and you'll see all the nearby listings that have been posted on a map. You can search for specific towns or neighborhoods, and use the filter to narrow the search.


Post your listings from your phone in just a few minutes, no matter where you are! Take a picture with your phone, pick a photo from your album, or grab a PDF from email, the web, Dropbox or other apps as the centerpiece of your listing. Your contact info is auto-filled from your Profile. Add a listing name, address, asset class and if it is for sale or for lease and you're done. You can add other details to make your listing more searchable, but that's optional.


Once your listing is added, you can email it, send it by text, or post it to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Your listing PDFs will be available for you to send from wherever you are.

Download QuantumListing Here
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