by Julia Perlmutter

What Would You Do Tomorrow?

Last week, we had our first ever virtual #LetsGetSmart, with a vibrant open mic discussion about the future of retail and how to move forward as an industry. You should check out the replay here to hear from several industry thought leaders.  

Prior to the event, we had people fill out a one-question anonymous survey, “Which of the following are you willing to do tomorrow?” The survey, which you can find by clicking here, asked respondents what retail venues they would go to (assuming they were open).  

We had an overwhelming number of responses and even had multiple people ask that we please share the results, so here we are delivering them to you! 

As you can see, the survey results reflect the wide range of risk that Americans are willing to take. Please note that this data primarily comes before the holiday weekend! 


Back to work, Back to School, Back to the Pool 

We had several comments that further display how wide the spectrum is. Some respondents emphasized that we must start going back to normal as soon as possible:  

 “It’s time to go back to real life!” 

“More people over 85 have died than those less than 80. We need to be brave and go back out there!” 

“I’ve already done the above things.” 

“I went to my hairdresser yesterday. Dined at a restaurant outdoors for lunch.” 

“So anxious to get out again.” 

“We MUST get Back to work; Back to school; Back to the pool.”  

“ I understand the severity of the virus with high risk individuals and older populations, however I feel that adults who are not in those two categories should be allowed to make decisions for themselves and their families.” 


Not yet, Ask Me Tomorrow 

While others are not yet ready to do so:  

“We don’t feel safe yet.” 

“I have a high risk family member, so I am staying home as long as possible.” 

“I was considering going to the beach last weekend, but I ended up deciding against it. Based on pictures, I’m glad I didn’t. There were a lot of people, not all social distancing, and many not wearing masks. Until we understand more about how the disease works, I don’t feel comfortable exposing myself and my family.  

“Want to wait at least a few weeks to see what is happening before I venture out in public to any of the places listed above. Really, really want to get a haircut but would rather be safe and healthy. I might go to an outdoor restaurant but it would have to be close to home and have a real thought out plan for social distancing.” 

“If I don’t need it, I’m not doing it.” 


Balancing Risk Tolerance and Economic, Social and Psychological Issues 

Even with our relatively small sample size of 58 respondents, it is evident that opening up the country is complex. There clearly is not a one size fits all solution. Everyone’s risk tolerance is different, and the underlying economic, social and psychological issues each of us face are as unique as our fingerprints. 

We will keep the survey open. It will be interesting to watch how the results change over time. 

Please take a minute to take the survey: