by QuantumListing Team

What is a QuantumListing Demo?

QuantumListing demos are the best way to get to know our site and hear from our team members. See how a QuantumListing demo works and what your options are.

How do I schedule a QuantumListing demo and what happens?

From any page on, website visitors and QuantumListing members can schedule a demo by clicking the green button at the top right corner.


What happens next?

When you click on the schedule a demo button, you will see multiple options from our team’s Calendly page. The original traditional QuantumListing demo is 30 minutes long (but we love to spend as much time chatting with new and old members as possible). When you hop on a QuantumListing demo, we believe it is best for you to learn by doing, rather than by watching us navigate a site that we look at every day. That’s why in most QuantumListing demos we recommend that you control the screen and we walk you through the site. Don’t worry, if you aren’t able to control the screen or don’t feel comfortable the first time around, we will gladly assist you and show you around the site on our end.


You mentioned the traditional QuantumListing demo. What other options are there?

Each year, as we try new ideas and also continue to navigate the rapidly evolving workforce, we have added new demo options.

Here are a few of the options that we have, in addition to our traditional 30 minute demo.

  1. Virtual Lunch: That’s right! You can have a virtual lunch with our team and get to know our founder David Perlmutter and/or the supporting team. Many webinars, blog post ideas, and networking events have transpired from virtual lunches. Most importantly, a lot of fun has been had, stories shared, and great conversations.
  2. 10 Minute Q&A: At QuantumListing, we know your time is your stock and trade, which is why we provide options as short as 10 minutes. If you just want to hop on a call and ask all your burning questions, but you only have a few minutes to spare, this is the perfect option for you!
  3. 15 minute meeting: 10 minutes too short and 30 minutes too long? We have the option for you! Spend a quarter of an hour with our team so that we can help you use our site to improve your commercial real estate practice.
  4. 60 minute demo: Save the 60 minute demo for a day or week that you have some downtime and want to get the full experience. We will walk you through your profile and also show you all the in’s and outs of our site. 


What happens after a QuantumListing demo?

It’s up to you! If you are already a member, perhaps you learned a new tool or tip that will help you continue to up your QuantumListing profile and draw views, clicks, and leads. For those that are not yet members or are just looking to learn more about our website, we will send you all the resources, links, and tools that you need to get started.


What is the QuantumListing team’s favorite part about demos?

The absolute best part about QuantumListing demos is getting to know our audience and learning from them. Many of our new features and ideas come from you, the visitor or member, and we feel very grateful to have so many be part of this community.


I’m ready to schedule my demo!

Great - we can’t wait to talk to you! You can click this link here (or of course the green button at the top of the screen) and pick the demo and time that’s right for you. You can always just select the time allotment on the Calendly page, and we will tailor the demo to your questions and needs.