by David Perlmutter

What Do Tampa and New York City Have In Common?

What do Tampa and New York City have in common? Well, new users from both cities recently joined QuantumListing and posted listings using photographs instead of PDFs! Probably not the answer that popped into your mind first, am I right? You were probably thinking about harbors and sports teams.

Kenrick Gleckler, an agent with McBride Kelly Associates Commercial in Tampa posted his listing earlier this week. It's a strip center for sale. Kenrick has an Android phone, and he was using the Android Beta version of QuantumListing, which admittedly has some issues. He was nice enough to get in touch with me to help him, rather than give up in frustration. We worked through the problem. It turns out that when he posted the listing with his phone, the image above was not visible to him, but was visible on my iPhone. My tech team is now back from vacation, and is working on it, but you never know what kind of odd problems you are going to encounter. Since I am an iPhone user, and the iPhone ecosystem is a closed one where they control the operating system and the hardware, I am not really sure what to expect from Android, and not so familiar with how it works. I do have an Android tablet, but it seems that different devices from different manufacturers running Android can behave differently. Anyway, Kenrick was extremely nice, patient, and persistent, all qualities that are important in a successful broker. I am grateful that he took the time to work through the issue with me. You can follow him @KenGleckler on Twitter.
Next up is Bob Skinner from Starbridge Commercial in New York. Bob filled out an inbound marketing form over the weekend, which led me to create an account for him. However, I neglected to get back to him, probably because I was distracted by having to take the dogs out. Anyway, Bob also showed the tenacity that makes a great broker and took the trouble to contact me again. This time I followed through. Bob is new at Starbridge and intent on building a team and making it into a powerhouse. He had his colleague Jamal James register for QuantumListing, too. Bob is psyched to be an early adopter of our platform, and I know is going to be a great ambassador for it. Bob posted a couple of his office listings, and Jamal a couple of his retail listings. I spent time on the phone today with both, and I think their new relationship at Starbridge is going to be very successful. You can follow Bob on Twitter @MountyBob, and connect with Jamal on LinkedIn.
David Perlmutter is the author of the QuantumListing Blog and publisher of the QuantumListing App. He is also the owner of Perlmutter Properties Inc. in White Plains, NY.