by David Perlmutter

We've Come So Far... We Have So Far to Go #StartUp #CREtech

After a couple of weeks, we've had 65 downloads of the QuantumListing App, and 150 listings uploaded. We've netted $126 on app sales from the App Store (2 x 1 year, 2 x 1 month). However, we did start giving early adopters a free 1 year Premium Membership after the first few days.  

If you don't have the app yet, you can get it here. None of the numbers above really have much meaning, except that we now have a product on the market. We've come so far...we have so far to go.

How much did I spend on developing the app? So far, it is in the neighborhood of $50-75,000. I am not sure that is a completely fair number, since all of my time is uncompensated. Office space and other related expenses are shared with my real estate brokerage, Perlmutter Properties, so there is also savings there. 

My development team is spread around the world, in Bulgaria, Australia, and India (although the web developers in India are being replaced). This has been an economical way of developing the app, but can be frustrating at times, as communications with the development team are all via email and Skype. We've come so far...we have so far to go.

Additionally, the expenses are lower than they might have been since this is the third app I've developed, so some of the mistakes were made on those prior experiences, and I've segregated those costs from this project. Keeping expenses down are important for any startup. Being a self-funded startup makes that fiduciary responsibility very personal. We've come so far...we have so far to go.

There have not been setbacks and missteps along the road on the QuantumListing journey. Release was delayed a few weeks when we opted to change our original name, Leaseagram, after the attorney for Facebook/Instagram contacted my attorney. 

It's not that you can't have -gram in your name, it is just that you can't have it if you are using their API for registration or to post to their site, which is apparently written in the fine print of their click through agreement. I decided it was better to switch than fight a deep pocketed behemoth. We've come so far...we have so far to go.

The website should have been up and fully functional, too. I was so focused on making sure the app provided a good user experience, that I neglected the website more than I should.  

As a result, we scrapped most of what we had done and are starting the design and function pretty much from scratch. Right now, if you visit you will see a marketing page for the app. We've come so far...we have so far to go.

Also, shortly after releasing QuantumListing, we experienced a problem with our email, caused by a system problem at our host. That cost us at least a week, and probably some bad experiences for a few users, as they were not receiving their activation emails, and could not contact. Fortunately, that problem was resolved, and it is one of the things that prompted us to start with our temporary Free Membership program. We've come so far...we have so far to go.

There are several little things we'll adjust to the app in the next iteration, but I'm generally happy with how it came out. It looks good, and I like the way it functions. I am a huge fan of the buttons on the title bar that allow users to call, e-mail or visit the website of the listing agent. 

If we can find any way to make adding listings easier, we'll do it. We'll also activate a couple of the social features. We've come so far...we have so far to go.

Once we have a few hundred users and have gotten some feedback, we'll start the next version in earnest. So if you have any thoughts on how to improve QuantumListing, contact me at [email protected]  We've come so far...we have so far to go.