Weekends: Commercial Agents vs Residential Agents

Is the weekend your time to relax? Or is it when you get your job done? Let's find out!
Here's what we learned from our colleagues in the commercial real estate world:


And here's what we learned from our colleagues in the residential real estate world:



There are no big surprises with these results. As a commercial real estate broker, I only show space on weekends when I have to, and usually that is because the customer is a store owner who can't see the space any other time. Office customers want to see their potential space during the week, when the office buildings are fully operational. When my kids were younger and I was coaching their sports teams and otherwise attending their activities, I rarely showed space on the weekend. Wearing my brokerage hat, I do often spend time on weekends working in other ways, such as answering emails and strategic planning. Wearing my QuantumListing hat, sometimes I feel like the only time I'm not working is when I'm asleep.
Residential agents' customers often work on weekdays, therefore they have to show space on the weekend. I am a little surprised that 23% of the respondents said they don't show houses or apartments on the weekend, but this could have been skewed by the small sample size. Additionally, it is not uncommon for residential agents to have a team partner, so, if they can't show the place, then their partner will pick up the ball.
What about you? What type of real estate do you practice, and do you show space on the weekend? Let us know in the comments.