by David Perlmutter

Web Meetings Are Better Than a Corporate Jet

QuantumListing does not have a corporate jet. There may be some sci-fi technology like getting beamed in Star Trek, or magic like Harry Potter flue powder and port keys, or the more down-to-earth Hyperloop that Elon Musk is working  that would allow me to do that. For now, the best solution is the web meeting. There are several free/low cost options available, such as Skype, Zoom, Uber Conference and Go To Meeting. I use both Skype and Go To Meeting.

Skype is great for one on one meetings. It is the means of communication preferred by the tech teams I work with abroad. It's easy to use, you can chose between text, audio and video meetings, send files back and forth and you can share screens. And it is free as long as your interlocutor is also a Skype user. You can use Skype to call a land line or cell phone but I don't do that. I put $10 on my account when I joined Skype four or five years ago, and I still have $8.91 from that original transfer.

I use Go To Meeting for demos with prospective customers and training or troubleshooting existing customers. The demos have been evolving as I've been doing more. Initially, they were me sharing my screen, and going through either a Power Point of the features I wanted to highlight, or me on the QuantumListing website going through the features. The former is a good way to get through the presentation quickly and in a controlled and organized manner. My brother Frank once told me "Show up, don't throw up," meaning you don't want any surprises during a presentation, whether it is technical or something else unexpected.

Presentations where I share my screen are effective, too. I prepare by having the Power Point option available if the prospect has a very limited amount of time. Otherwise, I'll go through the features, often using my brokerage company, Perlmutter Properties account as the example. Perlmutter Properties has an Enterprise membership, so it is a good way to show how the Agents, Managers, and Admin interact. I can then quickly jump to another tab in my browser to show how Perlmutter Properties uses QuantumListing's iFrame snippets to share its Profile and individual listings to the Perlmutter Properties website.

Recently, I've changed up how I conduct these demos. After introductory conversation, I'll ask the prospect if they are okay with switching the presenter from me to them so that it turns the demonstration into a hands on guided tour. This has several advantages. First, in order to conduct the tour the prospect has to go through the simple registration process. Since anyone who registers for QuantumListing gets a 3 month trial Premium Membership and does not have to provide credit card information until they opt in to remain a Premium member, there is no resistance to taking this first step.

Once they have completed registration, they are brought to their Profile page, which is their QuantumListing home base. We go top to bottom on how they can add a profile pic, bio, and links to their social media. We then go through the other features available from their profile page, including adding, editing and archiving listings.  I'll talk the user through the process of adding a listing. Sometimes they actually add one, others we just go through the steps.  

We'll cover the Search process and how to filter your search. We'll drill down on a listing and show the features available from a listing card. If they are interested in seeing how QuantumListing serves your listings to your website, we'll cover that, too.

All the while, I am getting great feedback on how a first time user experiences QuantumListing. The new user will have comments on different features, suggestions for new ones, and I can take notes on things I want to bring back to the tech team or put on the road map of future enhancements. 

The comments I get during the presentation are generally about the clean design and how easy it is to use. There is often an expression of incredulity about how inexpensive it is once the trial is over ($79.99/year for an individual user or $899.99/year for an enterprise user). I'll often get questions about how QuantumListing is being marketed, and what they can do to help. The answer to the first is primarily through email, social media and word of mouth, with a little bit of Google Adwords.  The answer to the second is that they can help by spreading the word about QuantumListing. The more people that use it, and the more listings we have, the more useful it will be.

In sum, web meetings allow me to meet with more people in more places than I could do otherwise. Having the prospect share their screen and use QuantumListing has proven a very effective way to conduct a demonstration. It is more fun, interesting and productive to be a participant than simply an observer. It is extremely constructive for me to be able to see the platform from a first time user's eyes. Are there ways to make the user experience simpler, better, more intuitive. Are there features that we don't have that users want? Is there a risk that something will go awry during the demonstration? Yes, but, I think the upside of taking that risk makes it worth taking. 

Since QuantumListing is a bootstrap start up, it will be more efficient and economical to scale up via web meetings than boots on the ground in every market. This will also allow us to remain true to our mission of being a full featured, low cost provider.

If you are interested in participating in a QuantumListing demo, click HERE to search my calendar for a mutually convenient time, or send an email to me at [email protected]. You can also register first for your three month trial Premium Membership by clicking HERE, and I'd be happy to have that web meeting with you after!