by Julia Perlmutter

We Have a Dream We Want to Share with You

Because our founder has been a real estate broker for over 30 years, we have a vision for what a commercial real estate listing service should be. We want to share that with you.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr, we too have a dream. But, at QuantumListing ours is for the future of commercial real estate technology and listing services. Though MLK Jr’s work and vision was far more important and meaningful, we are all inspired by his ability to make a change and an impact on people. That’s why we wanted to share with you our dream to change the way listing services operate in the commercial real estate world. 

When QuantumListing was founded, we wanted to make a listing service that was easy, stress free, and inexpensive. That’s why we decided that all premium members can post unlimited commercial property listings for an extremely reasonable price. We do not want money to be a limiting factor in your ability to market your properties. 

We not only want you to post as many listings as you may need, but we also want you to receive any and all leads you may have on your listing. That’s why at QuantumListing we do not charge extra for lead capture on your own listings. We believe that your leads are your own and you are entitled to them!

Additionally, we are firm believers that together we can achieve more than we can alone. Because of this, we are strong advocates of collaboration. We have several collaboration partnerships with other commercial real estate technology companies. 

We attribute much of our success thus far to these partners. Like us, we believe that you and your team members will do better in your business if you leverage the power of collaboration too.

That’s why at QuantumListing we created several tools for your team to work together with your market to network and help feed each other’s’ successes and promote others’ businesses. From our group and networks, to our social features like following members and sharing to social media, we provide several ways for you to share your listings with others in your area and across the country.

Additionally, we have added a suite of on demand advertising options that enable you to choose exactly what you want when you want it. The on-demand economy is here, and we are embracing it. Included in this is a Brand Promotion feature which essentially gives you the ability to market your company or personal brand in your market so that you can have a voice and a chance at some spotlight. 

We also have created easy ways for you to advertise your listings on our site and also on the Google Display Network. Whether you are promoting a $150,000,000 Investment property or a $1500/month sublease, we have a solution for you.

We truly believe that this is the future of the commercial real estate world and we know that creating a collaborative and fair environment that empowers you is what’s best for our industry. Though we are a small company, we believe that we can make change, and we know that every piece of effort helps. 

We hope that others can follow suit in helping to shape an industry that puts commercial real estate professionals first. We hope you will join us and that our dream will become part of your waking life.

To hear more, sign up for our webinar, QuantumListing's 2020 Vision on Wednesday, January 22nd.