by David Perlmutter

Visitors, Basic, Individual, and Enterprise Membership

There are several ways you can interact with QuantumListing. Take a closer look at how you can make QuantumListing work for you.


Visitors can search all of our users' active listings. Visitors can also contact agents, fill out the lead capture form, share anyone’s listings on social media, by email or in an iFrame, read our blog, sign up for updates on listings, sign up for demos or webinars, watch past webinars, and access our How It Works section.



Basic membership is free, and in addition to the features available to visitors, they get a QuantumListing profile page, can save listings to view later from their profile page, create commercial real estate Wants listings (but not property listings), follow other QuantumListing members for quick access to their listings, create listing survey reports, and make private notes on listings.

Basic members can also be added to our Networks and Groups in order to stay up to date with relevant information in their market or asset class interests.



Individual membership is $89.99 a year if you are going to add your own listings, or syndicate them from one of our partner websites. A  $159.99/year White Glove membership gives you the luxury of having QuantumListing’s team add up to 20 listings for you. If you have more than 20 listings, contact [email protected] for pricing.

In addition to the features available to Basic members, Individual members can add an unlimited number of listings, edit them when necessary, and archive them when they are sold or leased for future reference or reactivation. Individual members will have their listing leads emailed to them as they come in. 

Individual members also have access to an array of analytics on their listings and profile views and shares.

They can also purchase the additional features from our on-demand marketing center. These include Listing Promotion (your promoted listing campaign will shows at the top of search results in your market on our site ), brand promotion (your company or personal brand ad shows at the top of searches in your market on our site), and Google Display Network Advertising (your listing shows as Google display ads on other websites in your market). 

Because these services are on demand, you only pay for these products or services when you need them. These make them a cost effective and versatile part of your marketing strategy.



Enterprise membership is a great choice for companies that have multiple agents. Like Individual membership, it is $89.99 a year for unlimited listings if you are syndicating or adding them manually, and $159.99 a year for the first 20 listings we add for you with White Glove membership. Enterprise members enjoy all of the privileges of Individual members, and have access to other features as well.

Agents can be added to an Enterprise Membership for $89.99 a year for unlimited listings. 

Additionally, Enterprise members can add managers to help with the workflow at no additional cost. This includes adding, editing, archiving, and deleting listings. Managers can also add, edit and delete Agent profiles.

Enterprise listings can be assigned to multiple agents. All of the listings are visible on the Enterprise profile, and each agent has their own profile in which their own listings show.

If your company is syndicating its listings to us from SharpLaunch, Buildout or RealNex, we have a solution that allows all of the organization’s listings in one profile as they can in an Enterprise account by creating a QuantumListing Network for you. There is no additional charge for this service. 

In addition to being able to have all the company listings together, an ancillary benefit of using one of our networks is that your marketing team will be able to make sure that all the agents’ listing images are syndicated properly without separately logging into each agent’s account. If the images are not visible on QuantumListing, they are not visible on the other sites to which you syndicate your listings.


Thank You

We hope that you now have a good understanding of the difference between what visitors, Basic, Individual and Enterprise members can do on QuantumListing. If you are not already a member and would like to join, click the button below.