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02 May 2020
Virtual Lunch

Virtual Lunch

With so many of us working remotely, it is time to create new opportunities to connect and network.

Whether you are working remotely because of Covid-19, or just because that's the way your company works, lunchtime is a nice time to connect with others. One of the things that makes QuantumListing special is our growing community. We'd like to invite you to join us for Virtual Lunch. This is not about pitching our business, it's about making connections. If business comes out of it, that's fine, but that is not the goal, so you won't be getting a hard sell if you sign up for Virtual Lunch. 

To start, it will be unstructured, but it will evolve to meet the community's wants and needs. One day we may want to talk about how to continue to generate business in the face of today's environment, the next it might be a discussion on a topic, or a conversation between featured guests. We're open to suggestions on how to make Virtual Lunch better and more meaningful. Click below to sign up.


by David Perlmutter
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