by Julia Perlmutter

Unsung Feature: QuantumListing Academy

Acquaint yourself with QuantumListing Academy, and you’ll be on the road to mastering our service and closing more deals in less time.

There are a variety of features that separate QuantumListing from other listing services. We give your listings maximum exposure so you can market your properties without breaking your budget. You can post an unlimited number of listings with the ability to market them seamlessly on all forms of popular social media. Even better, there is no paywall for potential buyers/tenants to view your properties on our site. 

QuantumListing has many resources for you to master our simple platform. There’s our How It Works section, weekly webinars, instructional videos, one-on-one demos and office hours, as well as live chat through our Intercom system. While all these resources are helpful, we know the best way for many people to learn is by being hands on. 

That’s why last year we introduced QuantumListing Academy, a series of daily emails, each with a short lesson on our features. QuantumListing’s founder is also a real estate broker, so he knows that your most valuable resource is your time. Each lesson takes a maximum of five minutes, and you will quickly master the features highlighted in each lesson. 

Whether you are new to QuantumListing or already a veteran, you’ll find many actionable items that will enhance your experience on the site. You’ll learn how to promote your listings to the top of searches, expand your commercial real estate network, search for listings efficiently, join groups of peers with similar interests and so much more.


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