by Julia Perlmutter

Unsung Feature: Lead Capture on Your Listings and In Your Market

Leads for Everybody

As long as your membership is active, you will receive leads on all of your listings when someone views your listings and requests additional information. Approximately 15 seconds after looking at your listing, a popup will appear to the viewer asking if they want more information about your listing. Upon filling out this form, you will receive an email about your lead. Additionally, you will get a QuantumListing notification about this and your lead will show up under Leads in the Info section. 

Fill out the lead form to get more info


What if my membership is not active? Don’t worry, QuantumListing will still keep you in the loop.. A pop up will still appear on your listings when someone is looking at them. Even better, you will also still receive an email to notify that you received a lead and show you how to renew your membership and retrieve that lead. We are not playing any games here at QuantumListing, so if you get a lead, you deserve to see it.


Leads Beyond Your Listings

None of the lead capture services mentioned so far cost anything additional to the premium membership. In addition to the pop-up that appears on every listing, we also introduced another lead capture service that you can subscribe to in order to receive leads beyond your listings and in your entire market. 

Landing page image

For just $10.00 a month, leads from our landing page are sent out on a rotating basis within your market. When someone enters the homepage of  QuantumListing, one of the first calls to action that they are directed to from the landing page is to fill out a search request form. Upon filling this form out, that information then turns into the leads that get sent out to lead capture subscribers.

Landing page lead form

The Numbers Are In

Here at QuantumListing, when we introduce a new feature we want to make sure it works. We have been tracking the leads received from both listing pop-ups and the landing page, and a recent look at the numbers proves that the feature definitely does work. 

Every day, QuantumListing members receive leads on their listings and we expect this number to grow, especially with our recent website traffic growth and expected continued high projections. 

In fact, in a recent webinar with our founder and CEO, David stated that, “Our traffic is growing 10-15% a month, and compounding is your friend. So, we're growing really and it's sort of a virtuous circle where the more listings we have, the more views and leads we get, the more people come from Google and then more people add more listings.The last five or six months each month, at least, we've been setting new traffic records for ourselves so again, compounding is your friend.”


Did you capture that?

To recap, there are three different ways for you to get leads:

  1. When someone clicks on one of your listings, they will get a pop up asking if they want to submit their information to you so that you can contact them. You will get an email notification that there is a lead waiting for you, and a weekly update if you have unread leads.
  2. If you subscribe to Lead Capture, there will be a button on your profile page that visitors can click to get your help with their search. This is a great resource for people who don’t have listings, like tenant reps.
  3. When you sign up for Lead Capture, you will be asked for a geographic region for which you will receive leads. If someone fills out the lead form on the QuantumListing main landing page, those leads will be distributed on a rotating basis to Lead Capture subscribers covering the same geographic area.


Check out these step by step instructions to get lead capture in your market:

  1. Go to your profile page by clicking the head and shoulders avatar in the top right corner of the web page.
  2. Click on the Info menu in the left-hand sidebar and then select the tab for Leads.
  3. Enter the location for which you want leads. This covers a 30 mile radius from the location you choose.
  4. Click Create Order and then finish your transaction securely through PayPal.

Remember, you will still receive leads on your listings regardless of whether or not you have subscribed to our lead capture service as long as your premium membership is active.