by David Perlmutter

Two Reviews and a Preview

img_1697I spent some time yesterday at CRE//Tech Intersect. But before I went there, I attended the opening of Martha Wilson's art show at the P.P.O.W. Gallery (535 W. 22nd Street, through 12/22). I've known Martha a long time now, and am a longtime board member of Franklin Furnace, the art organization she founded and still directs. Martha is a groundbreaking performance and visual artist. She has created a body of work that traces its roots at least back to the Dada movement. The image to the left is a lenticular photograph, so you are only seeing half of its content here. Her work is filled with social and political content, with more than a dash of good humor. Her mission, through Franklin Furnace has been to make the world a safe place for impossible art. She is a true champion of the avant garde and ephemeral, time based art. A diverse, lively and very interesting crowd was on hand for the event.
Although a bit more buttoned down, the crowd at CRE//Tech Intersect yesterday was also quite lively. The 25th floor of 1633 Broadway was a vast, raw space, but all the better to highlight the myriad of real estate tech companies on hand to showcase their products (Alfred Taubman reportedly said that he wanted his malls to be very neutral, so as not to detract from the storefronts). I had the opportunity to talk to at least a dozen of the entrepreneurs. All are incredibly committed to helping improve the processes and user experiences in commercial real estate.  Admittedly, my focus was on those were operating in a similar space to QuantumListing, but even though there may be some overlap, each of our approaches is decidedly different, and I think the conclusion was that we are colleagues, not competitors.
Pierce Neinken did a great job putting together the event, from the exhibitors, to the space, to the food and drink, and populating the space with a few hundred eager participants. If anything, the three hours was too short to really get to talk to as many people as I would like (ok, I got there late because of the art opening).
And now for the sneak preview! Next week I'll be attending DisruptCRE Boston. I'll be making a 45 second pitch for QuantumListing as part of the "Disruptor Introduction and Meet The Executives" session, as well as having a table in the exhibition hall. I've been working with the incredibly talented Anne Hasegawa from ZeroFive Design on business cards, a flyer, a giveaway, and a display board. If you are attending, please stop by and say hello. Give me your business card, and we'll set you up with a year's Premium Membership. But wait, there's more! We'll (not the royal plural, my brother Frank will be with me) also give you a QuantumListing screen/eyeglass cloth.  Can't wait to see you there!
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