by David Perlmutter

Twitter Poll: When Was the Last Time You Tried Any New Commercial Real Estate Technology?

With DisruptCRE hitting New York on Thursday, we thought it was a good time to conduct a one question Twitter poll asking the question, "When was the last time you tried any new commercial real estate technology?"
Check out the poll:

There are a lot of exciting things happening in the world of real estate tech, from building systems technology to virtual reality. If you are in New York on Thursday afternoon, DisruptCRE is a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with what's new. There's a keynote address by WeWork's Vice Chairman, Michael Gross, panel discussions, a Meet the Disruptors session, and over 30 exhibitors. There are quite a number of people on the program that I am really looking forward to meeting. Oh yeah, we'll be there, so come on over and say hello! Give us your card and we'll give you a year's free trial Premium Membership to QuantumListing, plus one of our excellent screen wipes (you can never have too many of those!). See you Thursday.
UPDATE: April 5th, 2016 - Almost every time we run a poll, we get unexpected results, and this one is no exception. 58% of the respondents said that they had tried new commercial real estate technology within the last 3 months, 21% during 2015, with 11% saying the last time they tried something new in 2014 or before, and 10% never having tried any new CRE tech. Perhaps it is a testimony to the forward thinking nature of QuantumListing's Twitter followers that the results skewed so high toward trying new tech. The flip side of looking at it, of course is if you were to get a 79 in high school, you'd be getting a C+.
There is such an incredible amount of new technology, both hardware and software in our business that there is pretty much something for everyone. Have a look at the roster of exhibitors and DisruptCRE or at The Intersect by CRE//Tech  If you still can't figure it out for yourself, spend some time reading Duke Long, Real Estate Tech News or CRE.Tech. They'll set you straight. I'm sure you can find something that will pique your interest, and probably contribute to your bottom line.
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David Perlmutter is the author of the QuantumListing Blog and publisher of the QuantumListing App. He is also the owner of Perlmutter Properties Inc. in White Plains, NY.

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