Twitter Poll: What's your biggest complaint about your primary commercial real estate listing information source?

We conducted a seven day, one question Twitter poll: "What's your biggest complaint about your primary commercial real estate listing information source?" Voting is closed, but feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

We were naturally curious about this. CoStar and LoopNet are pretty indisputably the top two commercial real estate listing sources, and QuantumListing, along with a host of others, including Xceligent, RealMassive, and SpotCRE,  and are all hoping to grab a piece of that pie.  There are other companies in the space like CompStak and The Broker List but with different angles.
While not a very large sample size, with only 19 votes, I'm not sure if a larger data set would have changed the ranking of complaints much. Unsurprisingly, the number one complaint is cost, with 47% of the vote. Brokerages spend thousands of dollars annually for these services. Mobile friendliness came in second with 27% of the vote, followed by outdated information at 21% and ease of use with a mere 5%.
When we were planning QuantumListing.com and the QuantumListing app, these were issues that we thought about deeply and tried to address. Let's look at them individually:
Cost - If you just want to search listings, QuantumListing is FREE. If you want to post listings, our pricing structure for an individual user is $9.99/month, $24.99/3 months, or $79.99/year. For our Enterprise solution, it's only $899.99 per office. And, there's no limit on the number of listings a user can add for that price. We're giving you a free three month trial Premium Membership, so there's no risk to join.
Mobile Friendliness - We just scored 96/100 on the Google Mobile Friendly test. We'll shoot for 100, but 96 is pretty damn good.
Outdated Information - This is the hardest one.We tackled this topic in our blog post, The Fallacy of Accurate Information Services. Even CoStar, with its thousands of researchers is chock full of outdated information, and you need to check each listing before presenting it to your customer if you don't want to get egg on your face. Our solution, albeit imperfect, is to put the date that the property was listed in the Property Overview. So, if a date is recent, it's a good bet that the information is good.
Ease of Use - The greatest testimony to QuantumListing.com's ease of use is that within minutes of registering, a good percentage of our users immediately add a listing.
We haven't been around that long yet, so you should not cancel your other listing services yet. But, it sure makes sense for you to give us a shot, doesn't it?
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