Top 10 Reasons Your Marketing Director Should Try QuantumListing's Enterprise Dashboard

Here at QuantumListing, we are really excited about our new Enterprise Dashboard. Our goal with the QuantumListing Enterprise Dashboard (QLED) is to make managing your company's commercial real estate listings and agents as fast and easy as possible. Here are our Top Ten Reasons your Marketing Director should try QuantumListing's Enterprise Dashboard.

  1. Registering to become an Enterprise User takes less than a minute

  2. We’re offering the first three months of Premium Membership for free for a limited time.

  3. Once you register as an Enterprise user, you’ll have immediate access to your company’s Enterprise Dashboard

  4. From the QLED, you can edit your company’s profile to add a logo and information about your company

  5. From the QLED, you can add additional managers to help you share the workflow.

  6. From the QLED, you can add an unlimited number of agents, giving them their own photo and profile, as well as their own login. You can also edit and delete agents as necessary.

  7. From the QLED, you can add, edit and delete listings and assign the listings to multiple agents. Adding listings is fast and easy. At the center of each listing is your PDF listing flyer or a property photo. If you are using a PDF, the amount of data entry is minimal, making it fast and easy to add and edit listings.

  8. From the QLED, you can see how many users are following your company, and who they are.

  9. From the QLED, you can check your analytics to see how many views your listings, agents and profile are getting.

  10. We know you are busy, so in addition to giving you a three month free trial Premium Membership, we’ll also do the initial set up for your company, including adding the agents and listings.

Contact [email protected] or give him a call at 914-470-5719 if you are ready to give the QuantumListing Enterprise Dashboard a try, or if you have any questions. This offer is only valid for a limited time, so, don’t wait!