by QuantumListing Team

Top 10 Reasons You Should Take the DNA of #CRE Survey


The DNA of #CRE is an annual survey constructed by TheBrokerList and Buildout. It is offered each year so that members of the commercial real estate industry can benchmark themselves against their peers. The survey takes only about 15 minutes to complete. We realize your time is valuable and here's why we think you should spend some of it on this.


1.         Whether you work in a national or independent brokerage, you are part of the larger commercial real estate community. Sharing your knowledge and experience is a great way to give back to your community.


2.         The survey takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete.  However, the ideas it stimulates will have you thinking for days. Completing the survey enters you into a raffle, so there is also a strong probability that you will be the recipient of a prize.


3.         Use the survey to compare your tactics to those of others in the CRE industry. The simple act of taking the survey will give you an opportunity to reflect on your business practices.  You can think about what is working for you and double down on that to identify leaks that need fixing.


4.         There are several questions about different property information companies, which will help you learn names of companies you are unfamiliar with. This gives an opportunity to investigate new technology resources and add some of them to your tool box. 


5.         You’ll learn the names of the various companies providing formation on comparables.  Comps are so closely guarded, thus having multiple resources for them is a real value add for the industry and our customers.


6.         The DNA of #CRE survey lists the different options within the industry for customer relationship management (CRM). If you do not already use a CRM, the survey provides a comprehensive list of the best in class options.


7.         The question about prospecting for new clients is a motivating way to reflect on some of your past practices and resume ones that worked. This also creates guidance and motivation for new prospecting initiatives.


8.         The survey prompts you to evaluate your marketing plan, specifically how you market your listings. Now is the time to reconsider your plan and add new efforts. 


9.         There are several questions on your outlook on the economy, a great way to galvanize you into action.  Make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to have as successful a year as possible.


10.       When the results are released, you will have a terrific resource by which to benchmark your practice. Even better, the short amount of time spent taking the survey has helped inform and add value to your industry, with over 2,400 participants since 2016!


You do not need to wait for the results of the DNA of #CRE to start reaping its benefits. Use the survey as a checklist to ensure that you are employing best practices this year and in the future.


Take this year’s DNA of #CRE survey now through February 15th, 2021. 


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