11 Jul 2018

Top 10 QuantumListing Videos of 2017

These are the top 10 videos from the QuantumListing video account in 2017. They are a mix of videos to promote the QuantumListing website and the new CREpodcasts.com (a new directory of CRE podcasts and videos), and videos of the presentations from the #LetsGetSmart Speaker Series at ICSC RECon2017. (READ MORE)


Video Overview of the New QuantumListing.com Website

15 Reasons to Join QuantumListing

#LetsGetSmart - Liz Holland

#LetsGetSmart - Pamela Flora

#LetsGetSmart - Doug Jerum

#LetsGetSmart - Andrew Bermudez

#LetsGetSmart - Mike McClure

#LetsGetSmart - John Sherry

#LetsGetSmart - Craig Wood

Introducing the CRE Podcasts Directory