by Julia Perlmutter

They Are Not Unique, They Are Atypical

ATYPICAL, which recently joined forces with The Content Funnel, is an award-winning marketing agency changing commercial real estate as we know it. We encourage you to hear first-hand from Mark and Sarah by listening to the replay. For a preview, check out the takeaways below. 

P.S. Mark is Mariah Carey’s #1 fan, so make sure to read to the bottom and vote for your favorite Mariah song. 


Vision of Love

Newly revamped full-service marketing agency ATYPICAL has teamed up with The Content Funnel to create a company different from the rest. Check out their website to learn further why they are not unique, but rather ATYPICAL.


A traditional industry meets creativity 

As Sarah mentions during our webinar, commercial real estate is an industry of tradition; as a result, many marketers and clients do not push the boundaries of creativity. Even those with creative ideas often have a hard time feeling comfortable enough to put them into practice. Along with this, social media’s growing traction now makes it even harder to get noticed. ATYPICAL helps guide you through this process so you can “break out of that box you’re in” and tell your company’s story.  


Keeping up with technology can be a full-time job

Often times, you need more hands on deck, people you can pull in when necessary who can hit the ground running. On top of that, keeping up with technological changes is time-consuming and expensive but crucial. Fortunately, Mark and Sarah’s team specialize in a wide range of technological skills from 2D Animation to Augmented Reality that allow you to put less effort and fewer dollars into your technology. Explore technologies without going through the huge cost or effort. 


Before you execute, have a bigger plan

Many people skip the strategy step. Before executing, you need a more comprehensive plan in placed to stand out from the rest. Have a clear goal and objective from the start. When people get to know you, then you can build the trust needed to establish a relationship. 


But, don’t be afraid to reevaluate

While it’s important to have a clear plan, it’s okay to make adjustments. For example, say you are working on two things and one is working but the other isn’t. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate and put everything into the one that is working. 


We Belong Together 

Arranged marriages do not work. Sarah, Mark, and David used personal examples of how their friendships blossomed into business relationships. Before ever considering doing work together, Sarah and David got lunch and got to know each other. Now that they are friends, they explained they’ll do anything to support each other’s businesses.


Great people work with great people 

In an agency relationship, you need to have trust in order to create an open and honest conversation. It needs to be a good fit for both sides to succeed. Sarah and Mark explain that even if they don’t think a client is a best fit, they will still help you find someone that works.


In the age of information overload, there is a way to stand out

Because technology is so easy and accessible, the competition is endless and it’s hard for people to know who to trust. When you create an authentic experience, people understand the truth to your story. Often times, it may hit close to home. Once you’ve done this, everyone’s decision making process has become more clear and simple.