by Julia Perlmutter

theBroker List Secret Menu Revealed at Last

As you have probably heard there are secret menus for many of your favorite restaurant chains, but did you know that websites can have secret menus too? Well they sure can! We want to share our Secret Menu items with you for the first time ever! 


During the last webinar, Linda gave us a taste of her #secretmenu in just a few minutes. She left us wanting seconds, so we asked her to come on two weeks later to serve the full course. 

Between her many tweets and posts across her social media channels and website, be sure to also catch Linda on the #CREMarketing Call (hint: bonus tip!) and most recently her #RockYourBlog series with ATYPICAL.

Thank you Linda for revealing your Secret Menu so that the commercial real estate community can indulge! See the blog post below and make sure to reach out to Linda @theBrokerList with any questions:

As you have probably heard there are secret menus for many of your favorite restaurant chains, but did you know that websites can have secret menus too? Well they sure can! We want to share our Secret Menu items with you for the first time in ever!


Item 1 - Automatically Tweet Your HAVE Posts

Yes, you heard that right! Every time you add a new HAVE post to our site, or syndicate from Buildout, we send a Tweet out to over 22,000 followers!

Connect your Twitter (Individual or Company) to your profile. You can connect your company Twitter and it will appear on ALL broker accounts connected to that company profile page. Or, you can connect the individual and then it is just on your profile. The Twitter button is a great way to increase Twitter followers so we strongly suggest you do it. 

Also, the Twitter connect button will appear in our Directory as well as your profile pages! So, log into Twitter and then open your tBL Control Panel page and click the appropriate Twitter box. 

*Bonus Hints: Be sure to check out the slide deck at the bottom to see more details and learn how you can get extra Tweet love from theBrokerList!


Item 2 - Syndicate your blog through our site

If you are a member of tBL, you can syndicate your blog through our best in class tBL blog!

This is so huge and it is shocking how few members take advantage of this. If you provide us with 3 original blogs* you have written (no plagiarism please, we do check) and we like what we see, we will grab your URL and share your blog on our editorial calendar! Become a contributor today!

*Established bloggers may qualify for an exemption from this step!


Item 3 - Fanfare upon joining, gives brand exposure

All new members get fanfare and 15 minutes of fame! Every single new member that joins our site gets exposure on so many fronts. It is absolutely vital that you complete your profile to take advantage of our site and the exposure you receive. 

We would feel awful giving you fanfare and sending prospects to an empty profile. Be sure you include a photo, social media links, bio, your focus area and geographic territory. Leaving that data blank does not help your online exposure.

Examples include:

-Eblast on New Brokers of the Week every Sunday (be sure your profile picture and bio is complete)
-Welcome Tweet
-Welcome on Facebook
-Post on our CRE People Pinterest Board (Complete profiles ONLY).
-NEW welcome on Instagram and Linkedin (Complete profiles ONLY).


Item 4 - We do answer our phone and we are helpful

Believe it or not we love to help people who want to help themselves. If you call us, we will either answer the phone or call you back. It is our pleasure to give you pointers or tips to make your online marketing life so much easier. 

If we do not know the answer, we will refer you to someone who can help you. Need support? Just call us. #CREMarketing is alive and well and we support your questions! Check it out anytime! 312-212-3611!


Item 5 - Contact us via phone, chat or social media

On the bottom right or left of our website you should see a Chat or Contact Us pop up. When we are available, the little blue pop up will say Chat with us. If we are chatting with another customer or have our phone lines busy, it will say Contact Us. 

Just drop us a note and we will get back to you. We promise!


Item 6 - Onboarding brokers is easy.

Onboarding brokers is super easy. So if you are a commercial real estate brokerage company and we can verify that by your website, we can upload your entire team. If you have a team page on your website, we can grab the brokers' name, title, email, phone and image and set it up on our site. 

Uploading is for offices with 3 or more brokers. If you are a sole broker, just join as an individual.


Item 7 - Coworker link

So you are already a member and you want an easy way to get your brokers to join and link to YOUR company page? Just use the Coworker link and email it to them and ask them to sign up. If they click that link they will automatically be assigned to your company page! 

It saves a ton of confusion as so many brokers sign up and do not link to their already existing company profile page! This eliminates that problem. Also, for our Admins they can just use this link for their new broker orientation packages. New brokers are immediately added to YOUR company profile page!

Item 8 - RSS Feeds for social media distribution

RSS Feeds are your BFF in online marketing and have so much power. We give every member free feeds of their own data to share with sites like HootSuite, IFTTT, Zapier, Buffer, MeetEdgar (Not Free) and your own blogs or websites. Wordpress has RSS widgets so use your own feeds and check it out! 

The power is amazing and it is a great way to keep your social media feeds humming with your HAVES, WANTS and TRANSACTIONS that have closed! Need help, just ask, we are glad to show you how.


Item 9 - Closed deals become Transactions

Add ALL of Your Closed Deals as Transactions. Yes, you can post unlimited HAVES (listings), WANTS, & TRANSACTIONS, but did you know you can go directly to “go” and post ALL of your closed deals, whether sold or leased? Yes you can. So if you are a super busy broker and do not want to post active listings with us, but only want to showcase your closed deals, please do so. 

So to hack our system and do that, simply go to ADD a HAVE and instead of creating a selling headline, make it a closing press release style headline. Add the property address, property type, if it was a For Sale or For Lease listing and a single image. Save it and then click either Sold or Leased at the top of the form. 

This will convert it to a press release style format. Select yourself as the involved party and any other brokers involved. Complete the rest of the form and save it! 

Now you and any other brokers involved will show that closed deal on their profile! 


Item 10- Daily eblast of new HAVES (listings) and WANTS

Everyday we send an eblast to all those subscribed to receive emails for that state, the newest HAVES and WANTS you have posted the day before. 

*Remember, examples are in the slide deck at the bottom!


Item 11 - Messaging to other members

The entire goal of theBrokerList is to enable “Verified” commercial real estate brokers a way to reach beyond their local audience to share messages and eblast each other invitations, properties or absolutely anything related to commercial real estate. Simply create a list and then click “Send to my broker list” to distribute.


Item 12 - No limit to the URLs on your profile

With your theBrokerList profile you can add every popular social media URL as well as your company website, articles written and your favorite listing platforms. There is currently no limit to the links you can add.


Item 13 - Unlimited Admins can be designated

With your account on theBrokerList, you can designate as many people in your company as you need to be Admins. The Admins have the permission to connect your Buildout syndication accounts, make changes to ALL other profiles and add HAVES or WANTS across the entire company. Just let us know by sending an email to [email protected] to tell us who can be designated as the Admin.


Item 14 - Use LinkedIn to Log in

If you want to use Linkedin to log into theBrokerList it eliminates another username and password. Also, if you log in and out of our site with Linkedin, it will update your profile picture automatically! 


Item 15 - Email us your company name change/logo change

If you have new brokers to add, just drop us an email. If your website has the information we need to add the new broker, we can grab it and add them for you. If any brokers leave your company, notify us immediately. 

Let us know if they retired or moved to another career or changed companies. We protect our broker members from being deleted so you are NOT able to delete their account, but if you tell us they are no longer in the industry we will delete their account.


Item 16 - Company Name Change

If you have a company name change, please drop us an email and we will make that change for you. We protect the integrity of our site by controlling name changes. Since we are a commercial real estate platform only, we do not want members changing their company name to a company that is not cohesive to our mission. 

We always review the new company name to insure it is still relevant to commercial real estate. You can change all of the other information like new address, phone, websites, logo, etc, but the name can only be changed by our team. Just email [email protected] with your changes.


Item 17 - Monthly Profile Maintenance Reminder

As a courtesy to our members we send out a reminder to update profile data, phone numbers, team members etc to help keep you on track. If you do not wish to receive that reminder you can simply unsubscribe to that specific email. It is sent out monthly.


Secret Menu Bonus - Monthly #CREMarketing Calls

Every last Tuesday of each month at 2pm EST call in to learn about all things commercial real estate marketing! This is a FREE service to our members! Sign up to get reminders or just join us here:


Secret Menu Conclusion  

If you want more actionable tips and examples for each item, click here to watch the replay and see the slide deck.