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05 May 2018
The Winter Listing Olympics

The Winter Listing Olympics

I am hereby declaring the first QuantumListing Winter Listing Olympics open!

I am sitting in a hotel room in Cartagena, Colombia on President's Day, waiting to begin today's activities. A new user posted their first listing overnight while I slept. I am pretty sure it is the first Canadian listing that has been added, and it is definitely the first listing to only use video instead of photos and video. Given this international context, and since we're in the middle of the Winter Olympics, I am hereby declaring the first QuantumListing Winter Listing Olympics open! Let the games begin.

Medals will be awarded in Individual and Enterprise membership categories. How do you medal?

First, you'll need to be a QuantumListing member. So if you are not already, click HERE to join.

Here are the categories:

Most Complete Profile - Here's an article on how to edit your profile. Points will be awarded for bio, profile pic or logo, and social media links.

Most Members Followed - Learn how to follow other members in this article.

Most Listings Added - It's easy! Read about it HERE. Medals awarded in separate categories for individual and enterprise members.

Most Enterprise Agents Added - (open to Enterprise accounts only)

Create and email a Listing Report with a Minimum of 3 Listings - Email reports must be sent to [email protected] to qualify.

Use an iFrame to share a listing on a website  or blog post

Email a Listing (copy [email protected])

Most Social Shares of Listings or Profiles (make sure you let us know!)

Most colleagues referred to join QuatumListing.

Please let the judges know which categories for which you want to be considered by sending an email to [email protected]

Winners will be announced March 5th.

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