by QuantumListing Team

The Ultimate Guide to Our New Features From 2020

Every year, QuantumListing adds new features and holds events in order to give our members more opportunities to showcase their real estate listings to get more views, clicks and leads so they can get their deals done.

While our team is always brainstorming new ideas to create the best user experience possible, new features are often inspired by the conversations we have with our users.

We want to thank you for being part of the QuantumListing community and helping us create a platform that gives our members the best exposure possible.

We hope you enjoy learning more about these new features. Schedule a demo to learn more about these exciting new features.

Please note that some of our new events were created in light of the pandemic but we want to continue to be able to chat and network with all of you, so virtual lunches and online marketing sessions are here to stay!


Deluxe Listing Promotion - Bundled Package

Added in December 2020, our Deluxe Listing Promotion Package gives your listings the best exposure possible while saving you time and money. With the bundle, you get a month of Listing Promotion, as well as a Network Email Blast and Online Advertisement through our Google Display Network. Ultimately, this is the best way to maximize your listing views and minimize your budget.


Email Blast Packages

After the success of the “It’s A Blast” feature, we added additional email blast functionality to our site this year. QuantumListing Email Blast Packages allow you to send out mass emails of your listing to our state marketing and network lists. These are a great way to diversify your prospects to increase your listing’s audience. It also relieves you of the hassle of email design. All Premium Members ($89.99/year to post unlimited listings) get one free email blast included in their membership.


Share your Profile via Email Blast

Because our email blasts have become so popular, we wanted to add one more feature to top it off. You can now email your QuantumListing profile (which includes all of your listings) to your own proprietary list of contacts with just a few clicks of a button. 


Use QuantumListing Haves & Wants Groups

QuantumListing Chat has been around for a long time but we added a couple additions to this feature in order to further enhance it. First, we renamed our “State Wants” groups to “State Haves and Wants” to help foster a two-sided marketplace. Secondly, we added the ability for you to send your listing URL to the group, creating a clickable link so that other members in your network can go directly to your listing or profile page.


Post Your Wants

In addition to our “Haves and Wants groups”, we added another feature in order to help foster the two-sided marketplace that we mentioned above. This feature allows you to post your real estate “Wants” on our listing portal so that you find the right people to connect with. When people are searching for listings, they can filter for commercial real estate “Wants” to find opportunities to provide a match for their colleagues’ needs. Learn more about posting Wants listings,  read our blog post, Putting the Spotlight on Your CRE Wants.


Take a Tour of Your QuantumListing Profile Page

In 2020, we added a virtual tour to your QuantumListing profile page that pops up the first time you log in. User onboarding is a strong priority for QuantumListing and we want to give you a sense of direction as soon as you join. 

There is plenty to do from your profile page and the virtual tour ensures that you can make the most of all available capabilities. To learn more about how to navigate your profile page, schedule a demo


The Blue Button - Copy Profile Link

Your profile page is full of helpful links for visitors to click on and learn more about you and your business. Whether reading your bio or visiting your social media and website links, we want to help your future customers connect with you. 

We added a new button for you to easily copy a Profile page and share it with others. This is especially helpful when you want to add your QuantumListing profile to your email signature (see below)!


 A New Look 

To create a lighter and fresher look, we changed the QuantumListing homepage and added a new main photo. This is the page where you can start a listing search or fill out a lead request form to get in touch with our vast network of commercial real estate professionals. From here, you can also check out our short video “QuantumListing In A Nutshell.”


New Tips and Ideas

Add your Profile Link to your Email signature

Using the blue button mentioned above, we recommend that you add your QuantumListing profile URL to your email signature in order to push your brand to your prospective clients. This way, your email recipients can go directly to your profile and visit your listings, social media pages, and more.


Help Google Find You and Your Listings

We wrote several blog posts this past year about how to increase your profile and listings’ search engine visibility. This recent blog post gives plenty of tips on how to use long tail keywords to your listing subject lines in order to improve your search engine optimization. 


Listing Pictures: Quality over Quantity

You are more than welcome to add as many listing pictures as you’d like, but it is vital that they are of good quality. Better pictures increase the number of clicks so that you maximize your potential leads. It’s not necessary to hire a professional real estate photographer but consider it to really up your game. If you syndicate your listings with Buildout, be sure to check the box on the listing edit page so that your images come through to our site. 


Notable Events

Introducting QuantumListing Office Hours

While our demos give you the opportunity to learn about specific topics, we also hosted weekly office hours this past year in order to give our current and prospective members an opportunity to ask questions in an open forum format. We enjoy getting to know our members and hope to see you on a demo or office hour.


The QuantumListing Member Rewards Program

To create a way for our members to get to know our powerful array of tools, we created a rewards program so that you can earn points and goodies along the way as you check off items on our list of tools. 


REALTORS Commercial Alliance of Massachusetts Meet Online

Online Haves and Wants 2.0 Marketing sessions started in 2019, but 2020 marked our first statewide marketing session. We want to thank the REALTORS Commercial Alliance of Massachusetts for helping make these events possible. We look forward to bringing more commercial real estate agents together to make deals in the future. 


QuantumListing Partners Unite for A Live Webinar

We are very fortunate to have so many partners to collaborate with on different aspects of our business. From syndications to marketing collaborations, we were thrilled to have our first ever QuantumListing partner webinar this past spring. Each partner shared their company’s current initiatives and we had so much fun learning about everyone’s newest endeavors. 



Virtual Lunch

​We love connecting with you on our various virtual events. From webinars to live demos and online marketing sessions, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know our team and share your background. Given the social isolation many of us have experienced during the pandemic, we added another option to connect virtually. 

Virtual Lunch was inspired by the unfortunate circumstances, but we are eager to announce that it is here to stay post-pandemic! We were surprised and delighted when management consultants Korn Ferry featured our Virtual Lunch in their monthly magazine

Click HERE  to schedule a virtual Lunch (we are okay with Virtual Coffee too)!    


Lets Get Smart (Virtually)

We were sad to not see you at ICSC RECon and #LetsGetSmart this year but thrilled that we could still have a “smart” discussion via a webinar. With an unbelievable lineup of guests, we had a thoughtful and inspiring discussion with many insightful ideas shared. Thank you to all who participated, and we look forward to seeing you soon, whether it is virtually or in person. Click here to view the recording from the event.


What Would You Do Tomorrow?

Prior to our virtual Lets Get Smart discussion, we sent out a survey to poll our audience with “What they would do tomorrow,” in terms of pandemic comfortableness. We had an incredible number of responses and people were eager to hear the results. The survey centered around retail venues, which is why we ran it in conjunction with our ICSC RECon webinar. Click here to check out the results (from May 2020).


Looking Ahead

We look forward to working with you in the future. Our mission is to help our members connect with potential buyers and tenants without having to spend too much time or money in the process. We will continue to develop new features and share ideas that will help you make more deals. Thank you for your support and being a part of this wonderful and growing community.