by Julia Perlmutter

The Social Networking Site of Commercial Real Estate

One of our members recently said QuantumListing is like Loopnet and LinkedIn combined. The reason for that is we have worked hard to develop a website where people can be social and network with others in order to get their listings and personal brand out there. 

There are a variety of social features on our site but let’s start with the basics:

Follow Other Users

Just like on Linkedin and other social media platforms, you can also follow QuantumListing members on our site. Then, this creates a stream of listings based specifically on who you follow. When you follow another user, they will get an email and on-site notification, and can then follow you back. This allows you to narrow in on users whose listings you are most .This allows you to customize the listings that you see based on who you follow. Click here to learn how to follow other users.



Not only can you follow other members,but you can also send direct messages to users just like on social media sites. This allows you to network with QuantumListing members and send chat messages in an instant message fashion. Click to learn how to check your messages. 


Haves and Wants Groups

If you’re looking for people to send messages to or follow, a good starting place would be to check your State Groups and Networks. These are other QuantumListing members in your state or area of interest. You can post in your state Haves and Wants Group in order to tell people what you are looking for and what you have for sale/lease. Click here to learn more about your Haves and Wants Groups.


Share to Social Media

QuantumListing makes it easy for you to share your listings and profile to social media. In fact, you can share seamlessly in less than 60 seconds. Click here to learn how. Be sure that you enhance your profile with your social media links so that others can check out your social media accounts directly from your QuantumListing profile.


Share Your Profile and Listings Via Email

With just the click of a couple buttons, you can blast your listings out to your own proprietary email list using QuantumListing’s E-Blast feature. You can also share your entire profile via email and instantaneously show all your prospects your entire list of properties without having to send out multiple email blasts.


Invite Others to Join 

You can also invite your colleagues to join QuantumListing. It is easy to do this from your profile page. Just look for the  link and click on it. Then, fill out the form with the email addresses to which you would like to send your profile.  


Virtual Events

We love teaching you about all of QuantumListing’s features but one of our favorite social features on QuantumListing are our virtual events. Whether it’s Virtual Lunch, one of our weekly webinars with our many guests, or an Online Haves and Wants 2.0 Marketing session, we thoroughly enjoy any opportunity we have to talk to our users and create a space for networking.

Watch the replay of our video about How to Use QuantumListing for Networking