by Julia Perlmutter

The Social Network of Listing Sites

When you join QuantumListing, we add you to a group and network based on your geographic area. While searching your group and network members, you can click on anyone’s profile to see all of their listings. There are plenty of social aspects that QuantumListing users enjoy, but this brings us to the feature we want to focus on today. 

Follow, Follow, Follow

Once you click on a user’s profile, there is a green button labeled  “Follow.” By clicking on this button, you will add that user to the list of users you are now following. Now, all of their listings will show up in your “Stream” under the “Social” section of the sidebar, just as you can view all of your Instagram posts in one feed. You can customize these listings that appear by following any users who you want in your stream.

It’s important to keep your profile up to date with your latest listings as well as headshot, company or personal website, and social media accounts so that when people discover you, you are making your best and most accurate impression. Then, when you want to attract more attention to your profile, go ahead and start following other users. Once you follow someone, they receive a notification with a link to your profile. They can then choose to follow you.


I See You, You See Me

You can also view the members that other users are following. So, if I am following you, everyone who comes to my profile can also see that I follow your listings; as a result, it gives another opportunity for you to gain more exposure and followers. This is all the more reason to invite your friends to join QuantumListing. 


But Wait, There's More...

Did you know you can refer your friends and get rewarded? Plus, you can send your profile to all your colleagues with the click of a button via email. This will bring them directly to your profile page and all of your listings. 

Once someone looks at your listings, they can even use our “Favorite” function to bookmark your listing so that they can look back at it later. The more people you follow, the more followers you will get, and thus the more views your listings will get and the better chance someone will favorite your listing and reach out to you! 


There's Always a Catch

There is one small catch, though. In order to follow QuantumListing users and to see their updates in your Stream, you have to be a registered QuantumListing member. When you register, you'll get a trial Premium Membership. If you don't opt to continue your Premium Membership at the end of the trial, you'll become a basic member and will still be able to follow other members. 

As QuantumListing continues to leverage the on-demand economy, we have learned one thing: people want what they want, when they want it. By allowing you to customize your own listing stream, QuantumListing provides a way to filter our listings to get you the exact information you want with just a couple clicks.