by David Perlmutter

The Second Half of the Battle Will Be Much Longer Than the First #CREtech #Startup

Coming up with the idea for a CRE app, and executing it is only half the battle. Once your app is available, spreading the word and convincing people to adopt your app is a gargantuan task. It takes a combination of email, social media, word of mouth, real estate and tech conference attending, publicity and print advertising to let people know your app exists and is worthwhile. You have to give yourself a couple of years to become an overnight success!
Right now, even before it has been widely installed, I think QuantumListing gives tremendous value to the user. Once you’ve posted your listings, either using a photo or PDF to the app, you know where to go on your phone to easily retrieve your listing when you are on the road and forward it to potential customers, as well as post it to social media. I do look forward to the day when I might be in any town or city, and I’ll go to the map function on the QuantumListing app and see the flags indicating there are listings all around me. I know we’ll get there, it will take time and effort, and continued improvements to the app, but we’ll get there.
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