by QuantumListing Team

The Results Are In: 2022 CRE Market Pulse

Last week, we polled our community to find out what activity you are seeing in your market after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic... and the results are in!

Where Respondents Came From

Survey respondents for the 2022 Commercial Real Estate Market Pulse included a wide geographic range from the east coast, west coast, and midwest, including Tampa Bay all the way to San Diego and even Northern Ohio. 

If the answer to the previous question is yes, what new tech are you using?

Respondents wrote in that they are using, CoStar, Reonomy, and Google Meets.

What has surprised you the most about the COVID-19 recovery?

  • How closely it tracks the surges and diminutions in case numbers as the new variants emerge.

  • The nature of the end market the properties service.

  • That it didn't collapse the economy

  • We're back to normal.

  • How long the pandemic conditions have lasted.

What has changed the most about your commercial real estate practice over the last two years

  • I've started creating a separate listing for each space in a building so that it is easier for tenants to see the pictures, floor plan and video that goes along with an individual space. You can't do this on some of the other listing services, but you can do it with QuantumListing. I also do it on my website, which has the listings served by QuantumListing.

  • More zoom

  • The selectivity of the activity. For example, Golf Courses were active. Personal Care exalted properties had good occupancy rates.

  • We are growing rapidly. We have added 4 new agents.

  • Reaching more clients in more locations.

  • Significant growth in Florida has increased activity significantly

Miss the survey?

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