The QuantumListing Enterprise Dashboard

bitmoji-20160705085927We're very excited about the roll out of the newest feature on our website, the QuantumListing Enterprise Dashboard. This new tool was designed with commercial real estate marketing directors in mind. In our discussions with Marketing Directors, one of their common pet peeves is that it is very difficult for them to maintain all of the agents accounts on other listing sites. Companies devote substantial resources to creating up to date listing flyers and maintaining their websites, but agents are often to busy (or not interested) in keeping the information on listing websites fresh, resulting in stale or inaccurate information. This prompted us to develop our new Enterprise Dashboard.
When users register as an Enterprise User, it gives them the following abilities:

  • Create Managers

  • Create Agents

  • Add Listings

  • Manage Listings

Let's take these one at a time.
Create Managers - The Enterprise User  has the ability to add (or delete)  additional managers. So, in larger firms where there are multiple marketing associates, the workflow can easily be shared by more than one person.
Create agents - Admins can create QuantumListing user accounts for multiple agents. To do this, all that needs to be done is add an agent name, phone number, email address and password. Agents can log onto QuantumListing and have easy access to their listing PDFs on a single page. They can download the PDFs to attach to emails, or easily share the listings through their social media accounts.
Add Listings - Like individual users, Enterprise Dashboard managers can add listings, with one big difference. Enterprise users can assign multiple agents to a single listing. This saves a lot of redundant data entry by the manager. We've found that on average, a new listing can be added in 2 minutes or less.
Manage Listings - The Enterprise manager can edit and delete information in the listing from their dashboard, which saves them from having to log into multiple accounts to maintain their listings and keep them up-to-date. So, if it's changing the PDF, reassigning agents, or updating the space available, it can all be done very quickly.
We hope you'll give the Enterprise Dashboard a try. To give you an extra incentive, for a limited time, we're offering a three month Enterprise membership and we'll have our on-boarding team add your agents and listings for you.
Are you ready to sign up as an Enterprise User? Register HERE!