The Power of Suggestions

The power of suggestions. No, we're not talking about hypnotism or some bizarro mind control. We're talking about empowering you, the QuantumListing users and blog readers, to make suggestions to improve the QuantumListing user experience. Steve Schwartz of  New York's SB Schwartz made a suggestion to add a private note feature, and we did. You can read about it in our blog post Use the Schwartz and see how to use the feature in THIS VIDEO (it's only 42 seconds).

This time, it was Elena Wall of developer Simon CRE in Scottsdale AZ. She came up with two suggestions, both of which we were able to implement within 24 hours. Elena is Simon CRE's Director of Marketing. I was walking her through adding a listing to QuantumListing, and she asked if we could add a blank on our listing entry form for an optional URL, in her case, for a confidentiality agreement. It seemed simple enough, and in fact it was.
Her second suggestion was even simpler to implement, since it was just a tweak to a feature that was already in place. I had long since wanted to add a menu item to the top of the website for users to alert us to issues they were experiencing with the website or to make suggestions on how to improve the user experience. There's not enough room up there to write Issues and Suggestions, so I labeled it Issues, probably because I am concerned (paranoid?) about any problems that users are experiencing. Elena suggested that it be changed to Suggestions, as it has a more positive connotation. It didn't take much to convince me. Sometimes, it takes a marketing mind! Thanks, Elena. Great things can happen when you listen to your customers. Getting input from lots of people will help make for a better user experience for everyone.
If you have a suggestion on how to make QuantumListing better, or if you are experiencing an issue with the site or one of the apps, please let us know. You can just fill out the form below.