by Julia Perlmutter

The New Face of CRE

In July, we had the pleasure of welcoming Melissa Alexander and Casey Flannery, the women behind #CREchat onto one of our weekly webinars. We enjoyed hearing from Melissa and Casey about their paths into commercial real estate, the roles mentors played, and the story behind #CREchat on Twitter. To hear the lively and entertaining discussion, check out the full webinar here! We even went live on video for the first time ever during a webinar (as you can see below).


What is #CREchat?

#CREchat is a live Twitter chat for commercial real estate. Don’t let the word live scare you, it’s as simple as texting! Each month, Melissa and Casey pick a different topic within commercial real estate and pose questions to the Twitter community. Topics range from specific sectors of commercial real estate such as trends in Industrial and Retail to more general topics like how to get through a summertime slump or millennials in the workplace.  


How #CREchat got started

#CREchat started back in February of 2018. With over a thousand people in the Twitter community following @CREchatLIVE, many are surprised to hear about the twitter chat’s origin. After working together in Memphis, Melissa and Casey simply wanted to find a way to stay in touch with each other while living in different cities. During a meeting - wait, actually an appointment at a nail salon (not golf course!) - they discussed ways to stay connected and network within the commercial real estate industry. That is when they realized how big the commercial real estate community is on Twitter. They knew that there were lots of Twitter chats out there, but this platform was untouched in commercial real estate! 


How to participate in #CREchat

Anyone can participate in a monthly #CREchat! All you need is to have a Twitter account and make sure you use the hashtag #CREchat in your responses. In fact, even if you can’t attend the chat live at the exact time, there is still time to participate afterwards. One rule to keep in mind is @CREchatLIVE does not talk about politics!


Miss the chats live? They’ve got you covered. 

With such great content coming from each #CREchat, Melissa and Casey didn’t want so many incredible ideas and comments getting lost. So, after each #CREchat they send out a summary with key takeaways. This is a great way to share ideas from so many thought leaders with the greater community! 

George Kruse thinks so too. 

It Doesn’t Stop There

@CREchatLIVE followers loved the chats and summaries so much that they simply couldn’t get enough! People kept asking, how can I listen to or watch #CREchat? Plus, some people don’t necessarily hang out on Twitter but love to listen or watch content during commutes and lunch breaks. That’s why Melissa and Casey have now started their own video and podcast series for #CREchat. Check out #CREChatLIVE videos on Youtube and stream their podcasts on several platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts. They even recently made a podcast ABOUT podcasts. What will be next for these ladies?!


Next #CREchat

Join @CREchatLIVE once a month on Twitter for their Twitter chats covering topics in commercial real estate. The next #CREchat is this Thursday, August 22nd at 7:30pm Central with our friends at ATYPICAL. The topic is personal branding! 


Not sure if you should participate?

The answer is YES, you should! #CREchat is not limited to just brokers. It includes people from all sectors including marketing, technology, research and more. Additionally, #CREchat welcomes professionals of all backgrounds and experience levels. If you are unsure, search #CREchat on Twitter to see how easy it is to participate. Make sure to follow the twitter handle @CREchatLIVE to stay updated with the questions and see how easy it is to join these chats with @FlannCasey and @mbalexan. 


Who's your mentor?

We loved chatting with Melissa and Casey last month. It was especially fun to share stories and hear about who influenced them early in their careers (Hint: one of Casey’s mentors may or may not be Melissa…) To find out, watch the full webinar here.