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07 May 2020
The Holiday Spending Poll

The Holiday Spending Poll

The holiday shopping season unofficially begins the day after Halloween. Whether you say happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy hannukah, awesome Kwanza or whatever, you're probably going to end up opening up your wallet, either online or in stores. We'll get to our annual "where do you plan to do most of your shopping" poll next, but first we want to know whether you'll be spending more, the same or less than last year. Please take our one question Twitter poll!

UPDATE 10/30/17: Now that the results are in, tell us what you think this means for retailers this holiday season. At this point, only 23% of respondents are planning on spending more vs 32% planning to spend less. Will the 26% that don't know yet whether they'll be spending more or less decide to open up their wallets and pull out those credit cards? What will be the factors that influence them? Will it be tax cuts, spectacular sales or something else? If you are a retailer, what are you thinking now? Please let us know what you think in the comments, or send an email to [email protected]. And keep your eye out for annual poll on bricks vs clicks vs Amazon! Click HERE to the results of last year's poll.


by David Perlmutter
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