by Ben Perlmutter

The Best QuantumListing Articles of 2018

2018 has been a busy year at QuantumListing with lots of new members, features, and partnerships with the other players in CRE tech to make sure your user experience keeps improving. We’ve also kept busy posting content on the blog to document all these big developments

Take a look below at some of the QuantumListing team’s favorite blog articles of 2018 and see what QuantumListing has been up to this year.

  1. From Seinfeld to QuantumListing, the Power of Syndication: We take a look at syndication, how it’s still used to make hundreds of millions of dollars for Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David in the 20 years since Seinfeld has been off the air, and how it’s being used by QuantumListing to make posting listings easier than ever. You can also read more about our specific syndication partnerships with Buildout, SharpLaunch, and LDCRE.
  2. Meet the Quantum Listers: Over the past few months, we’ve been running an interview series with some of our most active users, the Quantum Listers. We asked them about how they get their deals, their opinions about the CRE industry, and what they love about QuantumListing. Does becoming a Quantum Lister interest you? Then fill out this questionnaire, and we can get you on your way to being our next Quantum Lister.
  3. Socializing Commercial Real Estate: This article takes a look at how the brokers can harness the power of social media to get more exposure, build their brand, and land more deals. QuantumListing makes sharing a listing or a listing report as easy as clicking a button. Find out all about it in the article!
  4. What do The Telephone, Etsy, Real Estate Conventions, and QuantumListing All Have in Common?: And the answer is....drumroll effects! A network effect is the concept that as more people join a network, like Facebook or QuantumListing, the more powerful the network becomes. The more users that join QuantumListing, the more useful it becomes, giving you more connections to other users and—most importantly—getting you more deals. QuantumListing created its Networks feature to supercharge these network effects. Check the article out to learn about network effects, one of the most important concepts of our modern, hyper-connected era, and how QuantumListing Networks use them.
  5. Meet the QuantumListing Tribe: Our user base is made up of all kinds of different people with their own style for using QuantumListing. Together, they make up the QuantumListing tribe. Check out this article to see different types of users in the QuantumListing tribe, like Navigators, Hunters, Gatherers, and Chieftains. What type of tribe member are you?
  6. #LetsGetSmart Keeps Getting Smarter: For the third year running, QuantumListing has hosted the #LetsGetSmart speaker series at RECon in Las Vegas. During the series, some of the leading innovators in retail, real estate, and tech spoke about topics such as mCart, a blockchain-based retail platform, Walc, a GPS app built specifically for pedestrians, and, a commercial real estate CRM that’s supercharged with AI. To learn about these disruptive ideas and more, check out the above link which has a list of all the presentations from #LetsGetSmart18.
  7. QuantumListing’s Homecoming: Earlier this year, QuantumListing released its iOS app. This article takes a look at QuantumListings beginnings on mobile, its evolution to a web-based platform, and its recent return to the app store. Now you get the best of both: the mobile app and the desktop version!
  8. Status Quo, Avant Garde, or Both?: This article takes a look at how QuantumListing is disrupting the commercial real estate business, and why you should be using the platform if you’re not already. For too long CRE has accepted a status quo in which you have to pay too much for lacking services from other services. QuantumListing, with its free listing viewing and reasonable prices, is bringing this era to an end.

We take great pride in our blog at QuantumListing, bringing you quality, useful content in addition to the quality, useful services provided by our platform.

We look forward to continuing keeping you updated on everything CRE and QuantumListing on our blog in 2019!