by David Perlmutter

The 2020 DNA of #CRE Survey

The DNA of #CRE survey is kicking off today, Monday, February 24th. Now in its fifth year, it is a fantastic way for members of the commercial real estate community to benchmark their practice vis a vis their peers. Whether you work for one of the large national or international companies or are an independent broker, there is a lot to be learned by contributing your data and then assessing the results when they come out.

There are two different surveys available, one for brokers, the other for marketing professionals. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Just taking the survey will stimulate your thinking about the way you work and what you can do to up your game, so it is well worth the time that you put into it. If you are a numbers geek, you'll have access to the raw data when it is available so you can slice and dice it any way you want.


Thanks to Buildout and The Broker List for providing this incredible resource for the commercial real estate industry.


WIithout further ado, here is the survey! It is running until March 30th so you can share with your colleagues until then. Be sure to also join us for a DNA of #CRE webinar on Wednesday, February 26th at 3pm ET with with Linda Day Harrison of theBrokerList.

Take the survey