QuantumListing is excited to be releasing its Networks feature soon, and we’re looking for volunteers to take it for a test drive.

QuantumListing Networks are a new feature that connects brokers, agents and owners in a shared interest area, such as brokers in the same region or type of real estate. The members of QuantumListing Networks can view and share listing information on QuantumListing and their own website simultaneously. Network members can also see changes within their network in real time by checking their network news.

And the best part of all is this is that your Network will be absolutely FREE while we are testing the feature. All that QuantumListing would ask for in return is some feedback about any problems you are having to help make your experience even better.

If you’re the administrator of a Network, you will also have the capacity to communicate with individual network members, select groups, and and the group as a whole.


If you’re interested in trying out QuantumListing Networks, here’s what we need from you to get started:


Step 1: Making Your Network Account

We need to create the Network account for you. We need:
     1. The email address you want to use
     2. A name for your network

We’ll give you a password, which you can change later if you want.

Using our iFrame code, we will create a webpage for your network so that your members can easily see each other’s’ listings. If you prefer, you can paste the iFrame code into your own website.


Step 2: Build Your Network

Invite brokers, agents, owners, and anyone else to join your network. We can give you an email template to use, you can draft your own, or modify ours. Whichever feels best to you.

Step 3: Add Listings

Get the brokers, agents and owners to add their listings.


And that’s all you need to do to get your network up and running!

Your incentive to get people to join is a 20% share of the revenue from their membership fees if they become paying members at the end of their 3 month trial.

We’ll provide the support you and your network members need. We’ll send you instructional emails and videos, and we can also arrange webinars.

So, if testing QuantumListing Networks is something that interests you and your business, please contact  [email protected]