I know you are thinking you don't need another commercial real estate listing platform, and perhaps you don't. Here's why I started QuantumListing and think you should try it. While running my own commercial real estate business (Perlmutter Properties), I felt  the current solutions didn't meet my needs  and the price kept escalating, without the service improving.

So, I decided to create QuantumListing.com, a crowd-sourced platform for commercial real estate agents. What I've learned during this process is that greatest challenge for starting a new listing service is getting people like you to try it and add your listings.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you. Just send one or more of your listing flyers to me, and we'll create a 3 month trial Premium Membership and add your listing for you. We don't collect your credit card info, so it is up to you to opt in to continuing your Premium Membership at the end of the trial ($79.99/year for individuals or $899.99 for an enterprise membership). Once your listing is in the system, we'll distribute it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

So please, send one or more of your listing flyers to [email protected] and we'll take care of the rest. You have nothing to lose.


David Perlmutter

That's an email I've been sending out to prospective users. It has been getting a positive response. However, I got the following response from one recipient: 

"David- this is a terrible idea- and respectfully request that NONE of our properties are listed on your website. I agree that costs go up and quality goes down…..but frankly there are too many listing platforms (some of which we don’t support) that continue to market stale data- and it’s a disservice to our clients and a waste of time when we get calls/inquiries from  properties that have already been leased or sold. I, and I don’t think I am alone, have no interest in spending countless hours of my week going on various web-sites to make sure that people that are profiting from me are fulfilling their obligation’s and timely and accurately updating the data.  Wish you all the best of luck."

I replied with the following:

"Thanks for taking the time to write. We would not put listings in unless someone asks us to. Typically, we prefer users to put their own listings in and update the information (with reminders from us) because that is how we hope to keep costs low. 

I respect your point of view regarding the proliferation of listing platforms. And, I also agree that there is too much inaccurate information online, especially from the industry leaders. It is a quandary that we all have to face because many brokers don’t either want to take the time to update information or feel that they would rather get a phone call from someone so they can try to make a sale that way.

We are offering to help people get started on our platform because that in many cases that is what it takes to get someone to try our service. I see that C.... (company name redacted) uses Loopnet to serve their listings to their website. In my brokerage, we still use Loopnet and CoStar because we have to, not because we want to. I pay about $3000/year for Loopnet, and probably about five times that for CoStar. QuantumListing for a company like yours would only cost $899.99/year and we can serve your listings to your website too. Admittedly, we don’t have the long track record or volume of users and listings. But, I’ve been a broker for 31 years, and I’ve developed shopping centers that have taken years to bring to market. I hope to build equity in QuantumListing, and I realize that it will take time to get there, but my career has given me the patience and perseverance required, or maybe my patience and perseverance have enabled me to remain sane in my career! 

In any event, I like the challenge and believe in what I’m doing. The opportunity to stay creative, learn new skills and meet new people are enough to tide me over until QuantumListing is successful or I decide to throw in the towel. And, I still have my brokerage business!

I do appreciate your taking the time to share your opinion, even if it is dissenting. Hopefully we’ll get to meet sometime in the future. Do you attend any of the ICSC events?"

What do you think? Do you agree with my correspondent that QuantumListing is a terrible idea? Or, do you feel that there is a benefit to our industry by having more competition? 

Here's a Periscope from Twitter if you would prefer to consume this content as video.