by Julia Perlmutter

Take the First-mover Advantage and Lock In Your City

Studies show that 95% of people do not go beyond page 1 of the search results, whether it is on Google or a website like QuantumListing. That is why we added our Listing Promotion feature earlier this year to help you control where your listing shows up on our site.

More Exposure, More Clicks, More Leads

Listings shown at the top of searches are guaranteed more views, clicks, and leads! 

If you want to give your commercial real estate the best exposure possible, consider promoting them. When you do this, your property gets brought to the top of searches in your market.

This feature is very customer-friendly, you don’t have to commit to more than a week or month at a time. If you boost a property for a month and want to continue for another month, all you have to do is promote it again with just a couple clicks!

You’ll be giving your listing the best chance to be seen by prospective tenants when you increase its exposure on our site for just $2.50/week or $7.50/month each. 

Click HERE to see what it looks like from a QuantumListing search page when your commercial property is promoted on our site.

In this case, 517 Second Ave. is promoted to the top of the search as indicated by the green box around the listing card. 


The Opportunities Are Endless

It is really easy to use this feature and we even give you a variety of ways to do it, so there’s no way you can miss the opportunity.

The first way is when you initially add a listing, you are given an option before clicking save. From this page, there is a button asking if you want to promote the listing. When you check this box, it will bring you to the payment page and then your listing will be brought to the top of searches in your market.

The next way to use this feature is from your profile page, where you can click the Increase Your Exposure button next to the green plus sign, which you click in order to add listings. After this, you can click Promote Your Listing. Then select which you would like to send to the top of markets in their respective locations. 

The third way to promote is from the listing card, where you can click the three dots at the top right of the card. From here you can edit a listing, add it to a report, archive it, or export to PDF and now a new option has been added for you to promote the listing. 

Lastly, you can always boost the property when you click on the “Renew your membership” button from your profile page under your profile photo. From this tab, you can also take advantage of our other on-demand features such as brand promotion, online advertisement, and even lead capture.


Get the First-mover Advantage

Be the first in your market to promote your listings on and take advantage of this incredibly useful and inexpensive feature. Brokers in some cities have used this promotion service, but there is still lots of availability throughout all of our United States cities (and even Canadian cities too!). 

In fact, as of this date no one has used this feature yet in cities such as  Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, and plenty more! Click to search in a location of your choice and see if anyone has promoted a listing in your market yet. 

Lock in your city before someone else does to give your listing the exposure it deserves!

Be sure to update your QuantumListing membership beforehand and then you can promote as many listings as you want, as many times as you’d like!

Let us know if you're interested or simply click here to start promoting your listings and bringing your properties to the top of searches.

Check out these step by step instructions to begin promoting your listings today:

1. Sign in to your QuantumListing account from the website (you can't do this from the iOS app). If you are already signed in, go to your profile page. If your account is expired, you will have to renew it before you can add lead promotion.

2. From your Profile page, Click on the green icon pictured below and then click Promote your listings

3. Select the Listing Promotion Plan

4.. Select the listings you want to promote.

5. Click Create Order and finish your transaction securely through PayPal. You can check the results of your promoted listings by going to the Info on your Profile Page, click analytics, and then scroll down to Promoted Listings.