by QuantumListing Team

Take Control of Your Marketing On-Demand

Many people ask what makes QuantumListing different from other listing sites. While we have many unique features on our site, we always point to our on-demand marketing center, as it is full of ways to get your listings maximal exposure without a big impact on your budget. 

All of these marketing features are on-demand which means that they are a la carte, you pick what you want when you want it. You do not have to worry about committing to one specific plan - you can try something once, assess how it did, and then decide whether you would like to do it again. 

Ready to hear about each item on the a la carte menu of our on demand marketing center? Let’s jump right in. Be sure to check out the accompanying short video on each section.


Listing Promotion

When people search Google, it is estimated that between 71% and 92% of all clicks are on the first page of search results. We can likewise assure you that people are more likely to click on listings on the first page of results on QuantumListing. Use our Listing Promotion feature to ensure that your listing will be at the top of search results in its market on our site. 

A small expenditure of $2.50/week or $7.50/month goes a long way toward getting your listing more visibility and clicks. 



Brand Promotion

Like Listing Promotion, Brand Promotion brings you to the top of searches in your market. With Brand Promotion, you can pick a marketing message to advertise your company or personal brand. When people search your market, your branding message will be the first thing they see. 

Once they click the ad, it brings them to your QuantumListing profile. This includes all your listings. If you don’t have listings, this is still a great opportunity to advertise your brand and direct people to your website, bio, and contact information so they can learn what services you provide.

Be sure to watch this video to the end to find out about a gift we’re offering to our Premium Members!



Online Advertisement

QuantumListing’s Online Advertising feature eliminates the hassle of setting up Google Display Network ads for your listing. It takes a few clicks and $25 to set up the ad that will get your listing thousands of views on the websites that customers in your listing’s market are already visiting. 

Thanks to Google’s algorithms and machine learning, the display ad of your listing is shown to individuals more likely to have an interest in commercial real estate. Our research shows that when you run these ads, your listing gets more views and clicks than with any other listing site.



Email Blast Packages

Our Email Blast Packages were added to the site this month. They allow you to leverage QuantumListing’s network to send your listing to our marketing lists so that it gets even more exposure. All Premium Members (just $89.99/year to post unlimited listings) get one free email blast included in their membership. Definitely take advantage of this and then check out our packages so that you can send out a regular email blast or even send emails about multiple listings.



“Deluxe Listing Promotion” Bundled Package

Time is our most precious resource. QuantumListing’s Deluxe Listing Promotion bundle maximizes your listing exposure and saves you time and money. Get a month of Listing Promotion, a listing Email Blast and Online Promotion in one easy order. This is the ultimate way to get the most views possible while saving money at the same time.


Don’t Forget the Analytics

If you have not yet familiarized yourself with the Analytics available in the Info section on your Profile page, now is the time. See how many views your listings, either individually or in the aggregate, have gotten over the last week, the last month, or all time. Let the listing analytics be your guide as to how and when you spend your time and money using any or all of the marketing tools above.

When you do implement any of these options, you’ll be able to check the results to determine their effectiveness for you. You’ll have the data you need to decide how to deploy your marketing resources going forward.

Are You Ready to Take Control?

It’s time to take control of your online commercial real estate marketing. Get started today by logging into your QuantumListing account and visiting the On-demand Marketing Center.