Stone Soup, or Why Am I Doing This?

I am developing QuantumListing because I needed a full featured, mobile friendly listing solution that put users first, and was priced reasonably. I’ve been a commercial agent for over thirty years, and nothing on the market came even close. We are creating something that will find you where you are, where you spend your time, on your phone, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Twitter. I want to give you a service where anyone can search your listings without having to worry about the good stuff being hidden behind a paywall, or without you having to pay through the nose. As we have been developing the platform, users have made great suggestions which we have either already added or are in the process of doing so.
We’re making stone soup here. Everyone needs to throw something in the pot if you want it to be good. Post your listings. The more you post, the better the soup. You can complain about the Goliath in commercial real estate information and do nothing but play along and pay up. Or you can be a David, put that stone in your slingshot and take aim. How do you take aim? Join QuantumListing and post your listings. When you post your listings, we don’t let them just sit there lying around waiting for someone to find them. We share them for you on social media, and in the process, make them more visible in search engines.
You can create flyers and listing reports with QuantumListing. You easily can share listings via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. You can serve your listings to your website from QuantumListing, and that’s for no extra charge. You can follow your favorite brokers for fast access to their listings, or just save the listings that that count to your favorites. You can keep private notes on listings that only you can see. And we’re just getting started. And it's $79.99 a year for individual users or $899.99 a year for enterprise users.
I don’t have Goliath’s reach, but I’ve got a stone and a slingshot. You know how that story ends. Now, it's time for a good bowl of soup.