by John Woods

State of the CRE Tech Industry with CRE Collaborative & QuantumListing

QuantumListing CEO, David Perlmutter, recently hosted a webinar with Andreas Senie, CEO of CRE Collaborative, a commercial real estate platform that enables brokers to quickly access key industry data, technology, and real estate networks through one portal.

Andreas, who has over 10 successful years of experience in real estate and the development of real estate technology, joined David to discuss what CRE Collaborative is, who needs it, and why it is so important for brokers in the modern real estate environment.


What is CRE Collaborative?

In the opening segment of the webinar, Andreas and David began by discussing the reason why Andreas chose to create CRE Collaborative and what he hoped to achieve as a result of doing so.

As with any business, property brokers need to be able to collaborate openly without restriction to be successful. The ability to easily access and share important information with peers and customers is essential for productivity, and any obstacles that restrict this natural flow are going to affect performance.

CRE Collaborative, then, is a solution built to improve collaboration not just for brokers but for everyone involved in commercial real estate, including, investors, developers, owners, lenders and the various technologies they use daily. With this tool, real estate professionals are given a unified hub that enables them to access and share all the information they need from a single location.

As a result, real estate professionals can save vast amounts of time, minimize errors, improve performance and deliver the kind of service that is going to improve customer satisfaction and ensure that no valuable opportunities are lost.


Why is CRE Collaborative Needed?

On average, Andreas stated that most professional in the modern real estate environment use around 13 platforms a day. As well as being extremely tedious, having to repeatedly input data into 13 separate platforms every day is incredibly time-consuming, inefficient, and is much more likely to cause errors.

In response to this, CRE Collaborative can identify the real business problems that need to be solved and determine whether or not the current technology toolbox at the company is capable of solving those business needs. If not, CRE Collaborative then works in line with partners such as QuantumListing to develop a solution that can address all of those issues and manages the technology fully so the company can focus entirely on the business. 


What is CRE Collaborative?

In the webinar, David also touches upon the recent developments QuantumListing has made, such as partnerships with SharpLaunch, Buildout, Leavitt Digital and of course CRE Collaborative, too.

As a result of these partnerships, QuantumListing enables brokers to quickly syndicate all of their listings in an automated fashion and push out the properties to a vast network of websites in very little time and with next to no effort.

For more information on how CRE Collaborative and QuantumListing are working together to improve broker performance, watch the full webinar here now.