by Ben Perlmutter

Socializing Commercial Real Estate

It’s common knowledge that our social media accounts are important sources of information in this day and age. There are over 200 million social media users in just the United States, and these users spend almost two hours per day across all their social media platforms.

Social media is increasingly being used to drive purchases across a range of economic sectors. In 2015, content on Facebook influenced over half of consumers' online and offline purchases. And over 50 million American small businesses have Facebook pages.

Yet, social media’s power has been largely underutilized in the commercial real estate sector. According to the DNA of CRE Report, a majority of brokerages of all sizes have accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn. However, these social media platforms still aren’t used as primary marketing mechanisms, but rather just another means of building brand identity.  

The same DNA of CRE report noted that CRE companies of all sizes primarily rely on traditional finding and listing platforms, like CoStar, to network and market their properties. Second to these platforms, email marketing is the next most popular means for finding leads.

CoStar may have a large user base among those in the CRE industry, but it’s paywalls and status as a niche project for one industry mean that many potential clients, tenants looking for spaces, will never get to see the posts on CoStar.

Brokers need to be posting their listings on social media, engaging with potential customers on the platforms that they already know and love

The advantages of social media marketing are becoming ever clearer as millennials rise to become the primary demographic starting up businesses. All those businesses will need CRE brokers to help find them the space to flourish and grow.

Surveys actually show millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation ever. Over a third of millennials have already started their own business and half have expressed a desire to start a business at some time in the future.  As millennials are very active on social media, with 41% of the demographic using Facebook every day, commercial real estate marketers need to engage with them on the platforms they’re already using to stay ahead of the competition.

It’s not just the millennials on social media though, older demographics also make up a large share of the more than 200 million social media-active Americans.

With this need to better integrate CRE with social media in mind, QuantumListing was founded to be a listing service that makes it as easy as a click of a button to share all your listings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media.

QuantumListing also doesn’t have a paywall to view listings, so interested customers who view your listings on social media can browse and search similar listings on our platform.

QuantumListing is also built so you can access it across all your devices, with apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, in addition to our website

Other cool features of QuantumListing include: geography-based networks, followers and favorites, and our recent integration with the CRE marketing platform Buildout, making posting your listings easier than ever. All of these features are available starting at the annual prices of $79.99.

Over 10 percent of all QuantumListing traffic comes via social media pages, and the rate has been increasing as brokers begin to see social media’s potential for attracting clients.

If you’re interested in trying out QuantumListing to kick-start your brokerage’s social media, sign up today for a 3-month FREE trial!