by Ben Perlmutter

Social Media...Is It Really Worth It? Part 1

Social media is certainly trendy, but is it really worth it for your CRE business?

In short, yes!!! The Content Funnel’s COO Sarah Malcolm and Director of Business Development Amanda Bowen joined QuantumListing founder and CEO David Perlmutter in a webinar last week to discuss why your business needs to be on social media and how you can best optimize your social media presence.

There are no two better people to talk social media in CRE with than Sarah and Amanda. At the Content Funnel, they specialize in building out social media and content marketing for real estate businesses.

The webinar, which you can watch below, was so jam-packed with actionable information that we have to break it up into two blog posts to give justice to all their valuable insights.

Check out the first part here, which covers what is the Content Funnel and why real estate businesses NEED to be on social media. Stay tuned into the QuantumListing blog for the second part of the summary of the webinar where we’ll look at Sarah and Amanda’s tips and tricks for building an effective social media strategy.

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The Content Funnel: Supercharging your content

Sarah and Amanda began the webinar by briefly explaining what the Content Funnel is, and how they help real estate businesses build out unified content marketing strategies.

The Content Funnel manages the entire content strategy of real estate businesses to build brands, generate leads, and drive deals. The Content Funnel team manages and maintains businesses’ social media presences and blogs.

They also provide detailed monthly analytics to show what is and isn’t working, and how businesses can exercise content best practices to further improve their brand.

Real estate professionals are busy people, and often don’t have the time to manage their social media and content properly, or the resources to hire someone else to do it full time. The Content Funnel, as Sarah put it, lets businesses “outsource” their content plan so they can focus on their deals. Meanwhile, the Content Funnel team handles the time consuming, and possibly intimidating, task of crafting an effective content strategy.  

Learn more about the Content Funnel on their website.

Why social media really is worth it

Every real estate business should be on social media because it has become a vital part of the business infrastructure. It’s not just teenagers posting selfies on social media anymore, companies and professionals are on it, too, promoting their brands.

“Social media is the same as having a website,” Sarah said. “If you’re trying to investigate a company or a person, you automatically go to Google and search them. And if they’re not on social and they don’t have a website then they must be really small potatoes, not real, or insignificant...Maybe that’s not actually the case, but that’s the perception.”

As all parts of business move more and more online, having a robust internet presence with a consistent brand is essential. Just like you wouldn’t want a website that looks like it was made in 1998, you don’t want a social media feed with only one post form 2016 and 10 followers. Businesses need strong brands to demonstrate to clients and prospects that they aren’t the “small potatoes.” A robust social media presence telegraphs this.

“Before people go into business with you, they want to have a perception of who you are,” Sarah explained. “Are you a crazy person? Are you likable, are you doing the type of deal they’re interested in doing with you? [Social media] is almost like your online resume.”

And it’s not just what the content contains that matters. The fact that a business has a strong social presence, Amanda said, “demonstrates that [the business is] savvy enough to have a good social media profile.”  

Plus, by using social media, you can easily connect with relevant constituencies, be they prospects or industry thought leaders. Having social media interactions won’t get you the million dollar deal right away, but it helps you build and maintain relationships that will pay off down the line. It’s like the 21st-century equivalent of going out to play golf or having a business lunch. You cover the bill because it’ll pay dividends later—be it in 2 weeks, 2 years, or maybe even 20 years.

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