by David Perlmutter

So Much More

While working on the soon to be released new version of the QuantumListing website, my thoughts turned to the seven-year journey we have been on.

Thanks to the QuantumListing Blog, there is a complete record of our service’s origins and guiding philosophy. After 7 years and more than 440 blog posts, that philosophy has been consistent. QuantumListing’s goal is to provide a commercial real estate listing service that anyone can search for free. We also wanted to make it easy to share that information. And, it has been important to us to provide this service at a reasonable price.

Starting as an iOS app, we evolved into a website. Although the app is still available, mobile responsive web browsers allow visitors to have an even better experience using our website.  Over the years, housands of people have registered for QuantumListing and posted listings.


To Go Far Go Together

As a longtime commercial real estate broker who enjoys the collegial nature of the industry, it has always been important to me to develop that same cooperation and collegiality in the CRE tech world.

Our numerous partnerships have resulted in great opportunities for everyone involved as well as a sharing of knowledge and support. Equally important are the friendships that have been born from these partnerships. Once we are done with the launch of the new website, the tech team will be able to start work on implementing some exciting new partnerships we have lined up.


Over 90 Webinars

Over the last few years, QuantumListing has hosted had over 90 webinars. Many were to share our website’s features. But our webinars are not all about us. I am still an active real estate broker, and I like learning about new things that help my clients and me.

With the help of incredible industry experts as guests, we have covered a diverse array of topics that include social media marketing, new commercial real estate tech, the annual DNA of #CRE survey, market updates, tokenization of real estate, tax deferral strategies, and so much more.

Pre-COVID, we hosted the Let’s Get Smart speaker series at ICSC RECon. This was a great way to get the most out of the last day of the show with informative speakers, networking, time with friends and In ‘n Out burgers!


Then and Now

Looking back at some of the early blog posts, I was very optimistic but realistic about the challenges a CRE tech start up faced.

By contrast, the most recent blog posts are about whether or not you need to pay for QuantumListing membership, with the most recent post sporting the blunt title, What Is QuantumListing Worth to You?

To be an entrepreneur, you must be optimistic and keep looking for ways to succeed. We are still fighting that fight and luckily for us, it is with a community of members and colleagues.

Thanks to all for helping us get this far. Let’s keep on truckin’, because there is so much more to come.