by David Perlmutter

Six Popular For Sale Searches

Unlike some other popular listing services, you don't need an expensive subscription to see all of our members' listings. You don't even have to register to see everything our members have to offer. Click the buttons below to access our most popular commercial real estate for sale searches. Bookmark the page and check back regularly. The most recent listings in each category will be at the top of the search results, so you'll be able to discover the newest listings on the market!



Would you like to get a weekly email update of our members' for sale listings in your favorite asset class in your market? Follow these simple steps:

Go to If you are logged in, please log out so that you are on our landing page, which looks like this:


If you want to search by city and state, enter the location in the upper box.


If you want to get a weekly email update with listings in your preferred asset and trade type, use the lower two boxes.


After you've selected the asset and trade type, click continue.


Fill out the rest of the form, then check the box or boxes that match your preferences, i.e. get help in your search from a commercial real estate professional, get a weekly emailed update or both.


You can repeat this process as many times as you like in order to get all the different weekly updates or assistance you want.

If you are a commercial real estate professional and would like to get the leads generated by site visitors that are making these requests, be sure to sign up for QuantumListing Lead Capture. Click HERE to read more about QuantumListing Lead Capture and how to subscribe to it.