by Julia Perlmutter

Share Your Profile to Build Your Brand

Since the launch of QuantumListing, we have constantly added new ways to make it easier for real estate professionals to get their commercial listings in front of more eyes. One of the simplest and easiest ways to do this is to share your QuantumListing profile. Let’s explore the different ways QuantumListing helps you execute your marketing strategy.

While there are several ways for you to put your profile in front of your target audience and get more views, clicks, and leads, we recently added two new and simple features that make this task as easy as can be and enhance your productivity. 


The Blue Button

The first is a blue button on your profile page that says “Copy profile link”. By clicking this button, you can copy your profile’s URL. You can then paste it onto your email signature, website, social media, or any other platform. We recommend adding your QuantumListing profile to your email signature so to direct people to your listings with every email you send. 

Picture of the new Copy your profile button

We love our new button but if you are looking to share your profile via email or social networking sites to help you generate quality leads, we have an even quicker way to do that. For both of these options, you will want to click on the sharing icon (indicated by 3 dots connected by two lines) below your profile headshot. 


Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Once you click there, you can pick any of the various social network platforms in order to share your profile directly to your social media accounts that you are logged into. These include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  You can do this in less than a minute.

Picture of sharing a profile to LinkedIn

Another option is to send your profile directly from our site via email without even having to log into your email account. For this option, click on the mail envelope after clicking the sharing icon described above. Then, you will see a screen that allows you to enter email addresses and type a short message within the email template that links to your profile.


Email Blasts In a Flash

If you’d like to target a wider audience, you can send your profile to one of your marketing or prospect lists. Our new feature, inspired by our “It’s a Blast” e-mail feature allows you to upload a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file with a single column of email addresses. It gives you the ability to blast out your profile and listings with just a few clicks. This is a strategic way to send property updates to your clients without sending them excessive emails each week. 

Picture of a shared listing

Aside from email and social media, you can also easily share your profile to your website by using the iFrame icon which is depicted by two carrots facing each other next to the social media icons. This allows you to have a live page of your QuantumListing profile on your website that updates your listings in real time. 


We’ve Got Your Website Covered

Many companies pay for expensive property sharing tools for their site, but our iFrame feature is included with premium membership ($89.99/year for unlimited listings), so there’s no reason not to do it. Copy and paste our snippet of code to your website, and your listings will update on your site as you make changes on our website (as seen in screenshot below).

Example of the use of an iFrame on an Broker's website


The 24/7 Marketing Session

The last way to share your profile easily from QuantumListing is to send it in your state’s Haves and Wants group chat. Use this group like a 24/7 marketing session. This is extremely easy to do, especially with the blue “Copy profile link” button mentioned above. Simply click the button and then click on the chat bubble icon on your profile page to paste the link into your group chat. 

Picture of an example of sharing to a State Haves and Wants group

This is a great way to expand your network and get more leads. Group members receive your chat message. Then, they can click on the link you added to your message and will be directed to your profile. All group members will receive a notification and email alerting them of the new chat message.


We Contain Multitudes

Overall, QuantumListing takes pride in providing multiple avenues for real estate professionals’ listings to get seen in as many places as possible. We have a multitude of ways that you can get your profile in front of prospects, whether that’s via your email signature, social media, your website, or even an e-blast. That’s why QuantumListing is more than just a listing site - we give your listings maximum exposure and your budget more freedom.