Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV, Episode 6

Episode 6 of Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV pairs our host with renowned  commercial real estate coach, Rod Santomassimo, of The Massimo Group. Their topic is "Will the Presidential Election Have an Affect on Commercial Real Estate?" The interview was conducted in May at ICSC RECon16. The dust was beginning to settle on the primaries, but it was well before the Republican and Democratic Conventions in July. Nevertheless, it was already quite clear that Donald Drumpf and Hillary Clinton would be representing their respective parties.
Beneath the light-hearted banter, they discuss some serious issues that will effect the real estate community, including  whether either candidate would seek to change the 1031 tax exchange, what would be the impact of an increase in capital gains tax rates, would either candidate mess with the mortgage interest rate deduction, and who would be the better President for the middle class?
Howard further engages his audience by introducing an interactive polling feature in this episode. So, watch, learn, and vote early and often!

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