Saturday with Howard Kline and CRE Radio & TV, Epidsode 5

Today we have a double feature! At ICSC RECon16, CRE Radio & TV host Howard Kline seized the opportunity to interview Garrick Brown, Vice President of Retail Research for the Americas at Cushman & Wakefield. In the first installment of the interview, Garrick discusses the impact e commerce on bricks and mortar stores, omni-channel retailing and the resulting retail right sizing, some of it in response to Wall Street pressures, some in response to escalating rents. Watch, learn, think, and respond in the comments!

In the second installment of Howard's interview with Garrick, they discuss one of the hottest segments of the retail market, restaurants! According to a recent Cushman & Wakefield study, fifty percent of the growth in shopping centers is coming from the restaurant sector. But are there enough dollars in consumers wallets to support all of the new and older restaurants? If Millenials spend all of their money eating out, what implications does this have for grocers or kitchenware retailers? What happens during the next economic downturn to the restaurants and the shopping centers that are saturated with them? Watch, learn, think, and respond in the comments!