by QuantumListing Team

Ride the Lead Wave

The number of leads QuantumListing generated for its members tripled this past August. Although it is partly attributable to an increase in traffic, that alone does not account for the tremendous increase. Potential buyers and tenants are beginning to feel more confident about the economy and the future. 

That’s good news for everyone. 


Ride the Wave

How can you ride this wave of optimism and put yourself in the best position to get more leads from your own listings? If you already have your listings on, we recommend you seize the moment. 

Log in now and visit our Marketing Center to deploy QuantumListing’s on site Listing Promotion and our Google Display Network ads. If you are not already a member, join now and add your listings. It's just $89.99/year for unlimited listings. Add those listings then visit the Marketing Center. 

Click HERE to watch a short video on how to access the Marketing Center.


Generate More Views, Clicks and Leads

With Listing Promotion, your listings are on the first page of searches in their market. Your listings will get more views and clicks. The more views and clicks you get, the more likely you are to generate a lead.

Display network ads show up on the websites your customers are already browsing. Your listings will get thousands and thousands of views and dozens of clicks. Our members use this feature repeatedly because it generates sales leads.


Promoted Listings

When someone clicks on one of your promoted listings or your Google Display advertising, it brings them to your listing page. Once there, there are multiple opportunities for them to become a lead. They can click on the “Contact the Agent” button, fill in the pop up that is generated after 15 seconds of browsing your listing, or simply click your email or phone number to contact you.

These are effective and affordable ways to get your listing in front of buyers and tenants in your market. Promoted listing campaigns are just $2.50 per listing per week or $7.50 per listing per month. 

Listing promotion in the Marketing Center


Google Display Advertising

Our Google Display Network ads start at $25 and you can choose up to 2 markets to show your ads for each listing. Your listings show as image ads on the websites where your potential customers are already browsing. And they are optimized to help you reach your target audience. You get thousands and thousands of views and lots of clicks for each $25 you spend.

Because these are on demand features, you only pay for them when you want the increased exposure.

Google Display Advertising in the Marketing Center

Seize the Moment

We encourage you to take advantage of this window of opportunity. Join QuantumListing if you have not already done so, add your listings, and use our on demand advertising to generate leads. For a limited time, we are offering readers of our blog a 15% discount when you try Listing Promotion. Enter Promo Code Wave15 when placing your order. This offer expires on September 30, 2020.