by David Perlmutter

Recent Updates to

Behind the scenes at QuantumListing, we are constantly making changes and improvements. Here are some of the changes we made this week.

When you log in to your QuantumListing account, you will notice that you can now sort your listings on your profile page. You can filter by Asset Type and Trade Type, and you can sort by space available and price.

If you follow lots of users on QuantumListing, and we hope you do, you can now sort and search the users you follow, as well as those following you.

We've also added some more options in trade types. Now in addition to Lease, Sale and Sale & Lease, you can also select Lease (monthly PSF), Lease (monthly), Lease (annually PSF), Lease (annually)

You can now share your QuantumListing profile via email with a couple of clicks.

When emailing your profile or any listing, you can now add a custom subject line.

And, a Founder's Note has been added to the About Us section of the website.  I'll try to update it periodically!

Sometimes, when we make changes to the website, it causes inadvertent and unforeseeable bugs to creep in. We try to catch them all, but if we've missed any, please be sure to let us know by sending an email to [email protected]. We also love to get user suggestions on how to keep improving QuantumListing, so please share those, too!