by David Perlmutter

Recent QuantumListing Webinars with Guest Presenters

How to Generate a Retail Site Map in Minutes

Reblie is a new real estate technology service with which you can generate retail site maps in minutes. Sam Scarborough is a commercial real estate broker in Texas, and created Reblie so that agents, marketers and owners can easily create amazing maps showing where retail and hospitality tenants are located in any market.

In this webinar, Sam talks QuantumListing founder and webinar host, talks QuantmuliListing Founder and webinar Host, David Perlmutter through creating an area map, with David’s fingers on the keyboard. This gives viewers insight into how intuitive and easy Reblie has made this once time consuming process.

Watch the Reblie webinar by clicking HERE.

Click HERE to read our blog post about Reblie.


Capital Gains Tax Solutions with Brett Swarts

Brett Swarts is a commercial real estate broker in California and is also the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. Brett specializes in multifamily and investment real estate. To help his clients looking for alternatives to 1031 Exchanges, he became an expert in Deferred Sales Trusts.

Learn about this innovative way to defer capital gains taxes by clicking HERE.


How to Double Your Business By Using SBA Lending

Todd Hess is a Senior Director at KW Commercial in San Antonio, TX. During his career, he has done more than $500,000,000 worth of real estate transactions in over 20 states. One of the resources that Todd has used to help his clients is his extensive knowledge of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.

Watch this webinar and get the accompanying slide deck by clicking HERE.


Mid-Year Review of Major CRE Trends with Liz Berthelette

Newmark’s Liz Berthelette is an experienced commercial real estate researcher and economist. Working from the Boston office, she has great insight into both the local and national economy and the issues affecting real estate. Liz’s clear and concise analyses have made her a QuantumListing webinar fan favorite and repeat guest.

Although July may seem like a lifetime ago, her presentation still rings true. Watch it HERE.


Fundamentals for Succeeding with Technology in Commercial Real Estate in 2022

Andreas Senie is a seasoned commercial real estate broker and the founder of the CRE Collaborative, a platform that busts the data from your tech stack out of their silos and puts it in one place. Andreas is an expert on the different types of CRE tech available and makes the case for why it is more important than ever to incorporate it into your practice.

Watch the replay HERE.


Introducing nxtCRE to QuantumListing

Adam Sharif has worked in all aspects of commercial real estate and real estate financing. He is the founder of nxtCRE, a new fintech platform that helps match Must Buy Investors (think 1031 Exchange buyers) with assets. QuantumListing has partnered with nxtCRE so that our members can choose to engage with these buyers.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented us from recording the nxtCRE webinar, however, they did provide a guest post on our blog, which you can read HERE.

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