Real Estate Marketing: The Key to Connection

Guest Post By Paul Faust
screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-4-24-15-pmIn many ways, the real estate industry offers a blueprint for bridging the gap between traditional and new media marketing channels. As early adopters of digital platforms, using the likes of Twitter and Facebook to showcase multiple properties at little or no cost, realtors saw the potential for social networks to share and amplify their listings.
At the same time, the real estate sector is rooted in tried and trusted marketing channels. Billboards, print media ads, and custom phone numbers are all tools that realtors won’t abandon any time soon. After all, when your business is selling property in the real world, it helps to have your name out there alongside it!
If you’ve ever purchased a property, you know how important it is to connect with the right realtor from the beginning. A lot of calling goes on at the start of a home search. Potential clients need to screen a property, obtain basic information, and generally get a feel for the kind of relationship they’ll have with a prospective realtor.
As you’ll hear from marketers in every sector, though with a little more direct meaning in the world of real estate marketing, connection is key.
The Key to Connecting with Property Buyers
Real estate marketing is all about making that first critical connection. Once a buyer finds someone they like and trust, the relationship takes over. In the early stages, however, it’s vital to stand out and have a message that compels people to get in touch.
Realtors understand that having a memorable number everywhere you look gives them a better chance of attracting attention. You’ll often see custom numbers with relevant words, phrases, and simple digit sequences on many real estate ads. It’s an attempt to make that first impression count and turn browsers into buyers.
Here’s a recent example from my company, RingBoost, that ties this all together:
In 2015, the Holdy Realty Team, a residential brokerage, on Florida’s Treasure Coast purchased a local vanity number, 772-500-0000, to augment their marketing efforts. We call these million numbers, for obvious reasons, and they’re among the more popular options for digit-focused custom numbers. With all those zeroes and so few other numbers to remember, customers find it easy to recall this type of number.
Holdy doesn’t just leave it there, of course. The company also publishes a monthly newsletter (see below) with stories of interest about people and properties in their area. On the digital side, they’re active on all of the main platforms, with thousands of followers checking out their latest properties on Facebook, Twitter, and the stream of attractive home images on Instagram.
“Our custom number is a long-term investment,” says owner Tim Holdy, “it will continue to pay dividends over time.” As an extra twist on the theme, Holdy has put into circulation some promotional $5 million notes to offer customers an extra memory hook for the phone number.
Pick the Right Platforms
To stand out in a crowded industry, real estate marketing teams need to take advantage of every relevant platform. No truly competitive realtor can operate solely offline, while focusing only on digital channels loses the local aspect of traditional marketing tools and overlooks some key demographics.
The challenge is to pick the right platforms for your real estate company. With so many marketing options out there, you need to know where potential property buyers are looking online and how to attract their attention offline. Sites like QuantumListing play an important role in expanding these online connection points, offering accessible listings at an affordable price.
As a recent Twitter poll by this site confirms, cost is the main issue associated with most real estate listing sites. On a limited marketing budget, the same concern applies to all real estate platforms. Even so, a carefully selected blend of online presence and offline marketing tools can give a local realtor the reach of a major national brand.
Choose the right real estate marketing mix for your firm and your business will always connect with potential property buyers, no matter where they’re looking.
Paul Faust is SVP of Business Development and a partner in RingBoost, the nation’s premier provider of customized phone numbers and other marketing tools.